Pikmin 4: How Long to Beat

Get ready to spend some quality time with Pikmin, since this one might take a while

Pikmin 4 How Long to Beat

The first major Pikmin sequel in years has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. This strange hybrid of platformer, puzzle game, and strategy is ideal for all new fans as well as players who missed these weird little guys. Pikmin 4 brings many improvements to the series such as new types of Pikmin, night missions, and an your new sidekick dog Otachi.

However, what seems to be the biggest novelty in this sequel, in addition to the great graphics and completely new story, is the duration of the game. This title has a slightly longer story mode than we have seen before, so check out below to find out how long it takes to beat Pikmin 4.

How Long Does It Take to Beat Pikmin 4?

Pikmin 4 is an unexpectedly lengthy game! Unlike its predecessors, which could be completed rather quickly, in order to reach the credits in Pikmin 4, you will need around 20 hours. But that’s not really the end! After the credits roll, you immediately continue the new chapters that lead to the True Ending, which will increase the time to 25 to 30 hours – and that is if you just do the main missions. For a full completionist run of Pikmin 4 including the True Ending and all of the side content you will need roughly 35 to 40 hours!

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In addition, those times are only for Pikmin 4 single-player mode, how much time you will spend in local multiplayer mode Dandori Battles depends on what kind of company you have, as you can have more fun if playing against other people in versus or co-op mode. You know how it goes – time flies when you are having fun, and as it seems this time around you will indeed have some fun and spend more time than expected with Pikmin!

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