How to Find the Basement Code in Dirty Ice

Some wildly different code locations.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Heist
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While you work your way through the stealth portions of Payday 3’s heists, you’ll come across a lot of objectives that seem a bit confusing at first. Once you know where to get the answer though, things will become much clearer. In the case of this heist, there’s a particular time that throws people off on their first run. Here’s how to get the basement code in Payday 3’s Dirty Ice heist.

How to Access the Basement in Payday 3’s Dirty Ice

To get the basement code for Payday 3 Dirty Ice, you’ll first want to get into the back of the jewelry store. You have multiple ways you can do this. The easiest way, however, is to head to the back alley behind the store and get in through the QR code door. The phone containing the QR code can be found either next to a car in the back, or on a box next to a civilian. Once you have it, open the back door and get inside.


You’ll want to stay in Casing Mode for reasons that will soon become clear.

How to Get the Basement Code in Payday 3’s Dirty Ice

First, make your way to the Manager’s Office in the center of the back rooms. Hack into the Manager’s Computer, begin reading emails, and find the basement code email. The code itself will be in one of three randomized locations. These locations are as follows:

  • In the employee break room on a whiteboard.
  • In the VIP Showroom, written in a book on one of the display islands.
  • At the front of the store, written on an Employee of the Month picture.

Casing Mode allows you to more easily see the code. This is helpful for the Employee of the Month location. We had that location once ourselves, so we stayed in Casing Mode as much as possible. Once you have the code, head back to the basement and input it into the keypad to gain access.

What’s in the Basement in Payday 3?

Besides an annoying guard and possibly even a few cameras, the basement holds the red keycard for the safe upstairs, along with the power switch to the display case alarms. This must be flipped to continue doing Payday 3 Dirty Ice in stealth. Both of these, plus evidence that will come in handy later, can be found in a side room within the basement. You’ll also find the security camera room if you want cameras to no longer be an issue.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Walkthrough

Here’s a quick walkthrough list of the steps needed to complete Payday 3 Dirty Ice.

  1. Find the QR Code locks.
  2. Head to the basement door and enter in the 4-digit code from the QR code to open it.
  3. Enter the VIP showroom through one of two doors: the one by the manager’s office or the one in the main store.
  4. Get through the glass display case and take the jewelry.
  5. Head to the Jewelry Workshop from the VIP showroom and scrub the markings off the jewels. Make sure to get the biometric scan off the manager first. You can follow our guide to learn how to do that.
  6. Head to the vault located in the main staff corridor. This is going to be the opposite side of the manager’s office. You’ll need to push two separate triggers at the same time to open it. You can also use the manager as a human shield and force her to push the button inside of the office, opening the vault.
  7. Grab the Rare Stone.

If you’re looking for help with the rest of the heist, check out our Payday 3 Dirty Ice stealth guide.

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