Payday 3: How to Flip the Right Switches in Gold and Sharke

Damn thing keeps switching up.

Payday 3 Gold and Sharke
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While playing through Payday 3, you’re going to get a lot of objectives that don’t give you a ton of guidance. This isn’t a bad thing, since finding out stuff on your own brings its own sense of gratification. However, it also means that you can sometimes be left very confused. One such objective shows up during one of the game’s later heists. Here’s how to flip the right switches in Payday 3’s Gold and Sharke heist.

How to Flip the Correct Switches in Payday 3’s Gold and Sharke

This objective shows up during the latter half of Gold and Sharke when you’ve gained access to the vault room and are now trying to disable the vault security. To complete the first security step, you’ll be asked to flip the correct switches on four nearby switch boxes. Which switches you’re supposed to flip tends to be where people get slipped up.

On the small monitor to the right of the vault will be a small screen which displays which switch you need to flip. However, the correct color will change once you flip a switch on a switchbox. This will happen for each switch box until you’ve flipped all four. The order of switch boxes here doesn’t matter, as any will work, provided you’re hitting the correct switch.

On lower difficulties, the switch boxes will all be located within the vault somewhere. Typically this will be one on the lower floor and the remaining three on the upper floor. If you’re on higher difficulties, only one switch box will be in the vault room. The other three switch boxes will be spread out around the bank’s second floor. These will only be in hallways, so you shouldn’t worry about scouring every room.

After going through the tedious steps of looking at the correct color, heading to a switch box, flipping that color, and then repeating, you’ll be set to continue the rest of the heist. If you need help with anything else, check out our Payday 3 Gold and Sharke stealth guide.

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