Torbjorn is a defensive character in Overwatch that can be extremely annoying once you use our Hero Guide tips to learn how to play him. The character is most well-known for his turrets that can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially if they’re placed in hard to reach areas, or areas that are already fortified in other ways. In the right hands Torbjorn can be very difficult to deal with.

Rivet Gun

The Rivet Gun has two modes of fire, with the primary option being a projectile with a slight arc that inflicts moderate damage. Lob these fast-moving projectiles at enemies and watch them scatter. The alternate fire mode is a short-range burst that’s best used when an enemy gets up close and personal with Torbjorn. It packs a decent punch, but the range is short so don’t use it unless the enemy is in your face.

Forge Hammer

Torbjorn’s main purpose on any given team is to create and maintain his turrets. This is done with the Forge Hammer ability. Using the Forge Hammer Torbjorn can construct turrets that should be used to suppress an area, defend an objective, or simply annoy the opposing team. The turrets can be destroyed, but Torbjorn can use the Forge Hammer on an existing turret for repairs.

The placement of your turrets is key when playing as Torbjorn. If you put them in an area where they will be easily destroyed, they won’t be very effective. However, if you place them in hard to reach positions, or in an area where you team will be nearby to keep the opposing team too busy to focus on the turrets, they can be very effective.

Scrap Collector and Armor Pack

When other heroes die, Torbjorn can collect scrap left behind. Each hero leaves 25 scrap behind for Torbjorn to collect. Once Torbjorn has collected at least 50 scrap, he can use it to create Armor Packs. Each Armor Pack costs 50 scrap, but Torbjorn can only hold 200 scrap at a time, so it’s important to craft Armor Packs often so you don’t waste scrap.

Once you’ve created an Armor Pack, you can drop it on the ground so you and your teammates can gain a bit of additional protection. Armor Packs do not stack so make sure you communicate with your team to let them know armor is available and to pick it up for themselves. Use this continually throughout the match to make sure your team remains armored up at all times.

Molten Core

Think of Torbjorn’s ultimate ability as a huge self-buff. Once active, Molten Core gives Torbjorn a significant amount of armor, allows him to build and repair turrets faster, increases the attack power of his turrets, and gives his Rivet Gun more power as well. You can use this defensively for the armor boost alone, but it works best in conjunction with your turrets and Rivet Gun. The turrets are already difficult many opponents to deal with, but with the damage buff from Molten Core they can make it almost impossible for an enemy team to safely advance on your position.

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