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Overwatch Hero Guide – How to Play Bastion

by Bryan Dawson

Bastion is the Overwatch hero that should appeal most to campers, so sit back and let our Hero Guide give you some tips on how to play as the hero everyone loves to hate. Unlike Widowmaker and Hanzo who may camp in order to get sniper kills, Bastion changes into a stationary sentry gun and makes it very difficult for the opposing team to advance on whatever location he’s guarding.

Configuration: Recon and Sentry

When you’re playing as Bastion don’t think of his main ability as two different modes (Recon and Sentry). Instead, think of Bastion’s Recon mode as just a way to move around until you find a place where you can switch to Sentry mode and start making the other team wish they were playing a different game. Basically, in Recon mode Bastion has solid mid-range damage and can move around just like any other hero in the game. This is the mode you use when you need to move.

Configuration: Sentry plants Bastion in a stationary position as he switches to a chain gun that inflicts more damage at a faster rate of fire, and with a large amount of ammunition to boot. It’s important to find a position that’s hard to flank, or to make sure that your teammates are watching your back. While Bastion is in Sentry mode he can’t move, but he can lock down a position and make it very difficult for any enemy attempting to approach the area.


Much like Soldier 76’s healing ability, Self-Repair allows Bastion to replenish his health over a short period of time. You won’t be able to move or perform any other actions while the healing takes place, so make sure you’re not only in a safe place, but that you won’t need to move in the immediate future. It takes a few seconds before Self-Repair is complete, and while that may not seem like a long time on paper, in the heat of a fire fight over an objective it will feel like an eternity.

Having the Self-Repair ability means that a support hero doesn’t need to keep a close eye on Bastion. Obviously if he’s positioned poorly or gets flanked, he will need some assistance, but Bastion shouldn’t be a focus for your healer. He’s a backline hero who should be positioned in an area that’s hard to get to so he can change to Configuration: Sentry and go to town on the enemy.

Configuration: Tank

Bastion’s ultimate ability changes his configuration into a small tank that gives him impressive mobility and even more impressive damage. For the short time Bastion is in his tank mode, he can easily wipe a team. Bastion’s attacks in the tank configuration have a hefty amount of splash damage, which means that you can find toward a group of enemies and you’re likely to hit them all. Don’t use it until you see at least three or four enemies in the area, then unleash your tank and watch them run for their lives.

What Bastion lacks in variety he more than makes up for in damage. You’re likely to see teams with two or more Bastion players and it won’t be fun to engage them. Just remember, players on the opposing team will be looking for ways to flank you, so you need to find a good position to camp. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Overwatch Hero Guide for more information on the characters in the game.

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