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Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma Release Date

by Nicholas Barth

The community of Blizzard Entertainment’s popular first-person shooter title Overwatch is always excited to hear and see new information regarding the addition of a new character to the game’s vast roster. This was the case on Monday, July 22nd when Overwatch Hero 31 was officially revealed to be the character of Sigma. Sigma has been previously leaked as Hero 31 when the Overwatch World Cup team for Mexico accidentally tweeted a photo showing Sigma. Now, with Sigma having now been officially announced as Overwatch Hero 31, the community is anxiously awaiting to hear when the characters release date will arrive. 

Overwatch Sigma Release Date

Unfortunately for players who were looking to jump in a match and try out the newly revealed character, Blizzard has not yet announced when the new character will be added into the game.

Overwatch Sigma Release Date

However, with previous heroes often making an appearance on the game’s Public Test Realm (PTR) shortly after being revealed, it would not be surprising to see Hero 31 become available for the community to try out shorty. However, the release date of the character on the game’s servers will likely be weeks after his release date on the PTR server. 

The release date of Overwatch Hero 31 will no doubt be a highly anticipated time for the first-person shooter’s community, as the interesting backstory and exciting powers of Sigma will be attracting plenty of attention when the character is officially added to the title’s roster. We mean what could be cooler than being able to manipulate gravity to dish out damage to your enemies. This particular character will indeed be one of the most unique to grave the battlefields of the high-profile game and will likely be a popular pick for players when his release date arrives.

We will update this article with any new information regarding the release date of Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma when it is made available by Blizzard Entertainment. 



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