Overwatch 2 Blurry Screen Bug Explained

Help Mei find her glasses.

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UPDATE: As of October 13th 2022, Blizzard has fixed this error which was caused by a depth of field glitch.

The strangest things happen with AAA game releases nowadays, and apart from the queue and server issues Overwatch 2 was plagued with on launch, some players have been getting graphical bugs like a blurry screen that makes it as though you’re seeing with beer goggles on.

Luckily, the glitch is rare but if you are experiencing it, there may be a way to fix it. Prima Games is on the case, and we’ll walk you through some things you can try that hopefully resolve the blurry screen bug in Overwatch 2.

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Blurry Screen Bug

The source of this bug is not fully understood yet; some players claim that it just happened out of nowhere, and others say that they accidentally opened chat during loading and that the blur stayed. Here is what you can do to try and fix the blurry screen bug in Overwatch 2:

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  • Update your game. Sometimes it’s not done automatically so if you’re not seeing it, you’ll have to check for an update manually. Make sure to turn automatic updates on for ease of access.
  • Hit Escape from the Overwatch 2 main menu, go to Options, then Video. Turn off Dynamic Render Scale there. Under Graphics Quality, you can toggle High-Quality Upsampling (from Default to AMD FSR 1.0 or vice versa).
  • Try turning off Anti-Aliasing, or pushing it to the highest.
  • Ultimately, if nothing works, delete and reinstall the game. Yes, it takes a while, especially when servers are overloaded, but it’s worth it if it solves the issue.

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We hope that you managed to find your glasses that you accidentally dropped on the floor (let’s face it, the pun was inevitable) without reinstallation of the entire game. If you found this article helpful, make sure to check our others under the Overwatch 2 game tag below.

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