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How to Unlock Characters in Overwatch 2

Get ready for a LOT of grinding.

by Nikola L
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Overwatch 2 has a very different character-unlocking system from its predecessor and it may be confusing for complete newcomers to the franchise. Prima Games is here with an unlock guide so you can find out how to unlock characters in OW2.

How to Unlock Heroes in Overwatch 2

The following heroes are available to you the first time you log in to Overwatch 2 as a First-Time User (sorted alphabetically):

  • Junker Queen (Tank, new Hero)
  • Kiriko (Support, new Hero, for Overwatch 1 owners and Premium Battle Pass owners)
  • Lucio (Support)
  • Mercy (Support)
  • Moira (Support)
  • Orisa (Tank)
  • Pharah (Damage)
  • Reaper (Damage)
  • Reinhardt (Tank)
  • Sojourn (Damage, new Hero)
  • Soldier 76 (Damage)
  • Torbjorn (Damage)
  • Tracer (Damage)
  • Widowmaker (Damage)
  • Winston (Tank)
  • Zarya (Tank)

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Sojourn (Damage)To unlock Sojourn:
Log in at any time during Season 1 once.
If not, play the tutorial, and a couple of Quick Play matches.
Make sure to do this before December 6 (end of Season 1).
Junker Queen (Tank)To unlock Junker Queen: Same as Sojourn above.
Genji (Damage)Play a match.
D.Va (Tank)Play two matches.
Cassidy (Damage)Play three matches.
Ana (Support)Play four matches.
Hanzo (Damage)Play nine matches
(Wins count as two matches played for this feat and all feats all the way to Echo).
Junkrat (Damage)Play 12 matches.
Roadhog (Tank)Play 15 matches.
Symmetra (Damage)Play 20 matches.
Zenyatta (Support)Play 25 matches.
Bastion (Damage)Play 30 matches.
Sigma (Tank)Play 40 matches.
Ashe (Damage)Play 50 matches.
Brigitte (Support)Play 60 matches.
Mei (Damage)Play 70 matches.
Doomfist (Tank)Play 85 matches.
Baptiste (Support)Play 100 matches.
Sombra (Damage)Play 115 matches.
Wrecking Ball (Tank)Play 130 matches.
Echo (Damage)Play 150 matches.
Kiriko (Support)Reach Tier 55 of the Battle Pass (or purchase the premium Battle Pass for 1000 OW Coins ($9.99)).
You get Kiriko immediately if you bought Overwatch 1 before June 23, 2022.

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