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Outer Worlds Supernova Difficulty Guide – What’s the Difference?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been playing The Outer Worlds and you fancy a little bit more of a challenge, then you’re probably going to want to jack up the difficulty. With the way that this works in Obsidian’s latest game, it’s not just gonna be about enemies doing more damage. There are a whole bunch of limitations for the discerning RPG player to torture themselves with on The Outer Worlds Supernova difficulty, so we’ll run through them for you and provide some tips.

Outer Worlds Supernova Difficulty Guide – What’s the Difference?

Let’s get the important things out of the way first. We’re talking Supernova difficulty’s main hallmarks, which you’re going to be unable to opt out of once you jack things up to the highest of inconvenience in the game. Yes, that’s right: once you’re in Supernova, you’re locked in for your playthrough so make your choice wisely. 

Some of the important differences in Supernova difficulty include:

  • Autosaves are limited
  • Companions can kick the bucket for good
  • Enemies hurt more and live longer
  • Weapons and armor are basically useless at low durability
  • You have to eat, sleep, and drink to get by
  • You can only fast travel, sleep, and manually save in your ship

Because of the limitations, you’re going to have to play smart on this difficulty mode. Everything hurts, so our recommendation would be to shore up on the defensive capabilities. We’re talking the heaviest armor that you’ve got, making sure that it’s always repaired and in tip-top shape, and pick up improvements in the following stats – Intelligence, Temperament, and Perception. You’re going to need at least one sharpshooter in the group, and those stats are important for that. You’ll also want to have the perk Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me, which teams up well with companions who can give you a second chance to jump back into the fray. You’re going to want to prioritize survivability, as well as anything that allows you non-combat options to interact with the world. 

Now that you’ve got our Outer Worlds Supernova difficulty guide at hand, navigating this particular subset of requirements shouldn’t be all that hard. If in doubt, and we can’t stress this enough, please play it safe. We wouldn’t be able to bear it if one of you let Parvarti die. Need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds? Check out these other guides that we’ve put together:

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