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The Outer Worlds Reed’s Key Guide – How to Get Reed’s Key

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve spent any amount of time in The Outer Worlds, then you’ve already come across the character of Reed Tobson, Spacer’s Choice bootlicker extraordinaire. Sure, he’s not the worst person doing the bidding of the colonies, but he’s definitely asking you to make some pretty grey choices when you make his acquaintance for the first time. Luckily, it’s not a relationship that isn’t profitable to you if you’re smart. Here’s our Outer Worlds Reed’s Key guide which will tell you how to access his private quarters.

The Outer Worlds Reed’s Key Guide – How to Get Reed’s Key

Reed Tobson, as you’ll know, is the Outpost Administrator who kicks about in Edgewater. Pretty early on in your travels, he tries to bribe you to cut off power to a bunch of deserters who have decided that renting your own burial plots and being worked to death was a bit too far to go in the name of eking out a living under capitalism. 

However you choose to tackle that particular ethical conundrum is largely irrelevant to whether or not you’re going to get to access Reed’s personal quarters. Just because you helping him out with his woes doesn’t mean that he’s gonna give you the private tour. 

If you want to get the Outer Worlds Reed’s Key item, you’ve got one of two ways to do so when you see him in-game at the Cannery:

  • Pickpocket the key
  • Take it off his cold, dead body

Obviously, because Reed is a bit of a hotshot in the town, both actions are going to have their own consequences. You’re going to need ridiculously high Stealth to get away with it without his guards or him noticing that you’re a common thief. Taking the easier route (in a way) of appropriating it off his corpse and getting rid of the bystanders will go down really awfully with Parvarti, so you’re going to want to keep that in mind before you go totally gunslinger on the man. 

Once you have the key in hand, pop open his personal quarters and you’ll find some items, a bit of lore, and his hat. Depending on your interest in haberdashery, this adventure could either have been incredibly worthwhile or a huge waste of your time. We’ll let you be the judge now that you’ve got our Outer Worlds Reed’s Key guide. Need a hand with anything else on Halcyon? Check out these other tips that we’ve collated for you:

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