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The Outer Worlds: How to Use Holographic Shroud

by Nicholas Barth

Players around the world have been diving into all of the exciting content that Obsidian packed into the universe of The Outer Worlds. A significant portion of this content is the variety of items players can use on their adventures. One piece of this equipment is the Holographic Shroud item that allows players to disguise themselves and sneak around without causing trouble. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Holographic Shroud item covered for you below. 

The Outer Worlds: How to Use Holographic Shroud

Players will unlock the Holographic Shroud item after leaving the area of Edgewater. This particular item will be located in your quarters on your ship of the Unreliable. 

This piece of equipment allows players to disguise their character as another person. However, you must find these disguises to use them. Luckily, the Holographic Shroud item will automatically start working when you enter an area where a disguise is needed. There is no need for you to pull up a menu or anything to activate this piece of equipment. 

The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud

Unfortunately, movement or any action performed by your character will drain the charge of The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud and result in you losing your disguise. With this in mind, players should be wary of what they do when they are in disguise.

Players can find disguises for the Holographic Shroud across the various locations that make up the universe of The Outer Worlds. These disguises appear as keycards when they are lying around the environment. No doubt, having an extensive collection of these disguises will help you in avoiding any unnecessary combat during your many adventures in Obsidian’s newest RPG. 

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Knowing how to use the holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds will help you disguise yourself and avoid any unnecessary battles. Let us know your thoughts on this particular item on Twitter and Facebook! Check out our dedicated coverage hub for The Outer Worlds for even more help in learning about the popular new game. 

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