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The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer Quest Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Players who dive into Obisidian’s fan-favorite RPG of The Outer Worlds have an array of activities for them to experience. One of these activities is the Frightened Engineer quest, which will task players with helping someone with an engineering objective. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Frightened Engineer quest covered for you.

The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer

Players can acquire the Frightened Engineer quest by speaking with the character of Thomas Kemp near his workbench at the Botanical Labs. These Botanical Labs are located in the Emerald Vale. Speak with Thomas Kemp, and he will inform you of his incompetence at his engineering position and will ask for your help in obtaining three guides to engineering. This will then set you on the Frightened Engineer quest. 

The first book can be found in a room to the right of the entrance and up the stairs of the Emerald Vale Community Center.  Our second book will then be found on the second floor of the Edgewater Cannery. Finally, the third book you will need to acquire for Thomas kemp will be located next to the character of Higgins on 1F of the Geothermal Power Plant. 

The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer

Once you have collected all three books, you will have completed the Frightened Engineer quest and secured the rewards of an increase for your Deserters reputation, 300, 500, and 800-bit cartridges, an electro-charged surface, and 8,750 experience points. 

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