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The Outer Worlds Clive Lumbergh – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

There is a full cast of characters that populate the universe of The Outer Worlds. One of these characters is Clive Lumbergh, and he is an integral part of a particular quest in Obsidian’s popular RPG game. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about Clive Lumbergh and his role covered for you. 

The Outer Worlds Clive Lumbergh

Clive Lumbergh is one of the main characters of the Slaughterhouse Clive quest. The beginning of this quest will see players accepting it by speaking with Catherine Mills in Fallbrook, Monarch. Mills will explain to you that she is determined to take away the operations and profits from the Boarst Factory of Lumbergh. 

The Boarst Factory of Clive Lumbergh can be found southwest of Forlorn Crossroads. You will need to acquire a Boarst Factory ID from Duncan Elley in Fallbrook. This will gain you access to the inside of the factory. Speak with the Factory guard to obtain a C&P Boarst Factory Gate Key. Make your way back to the large door when you enter the factory and go up the stairs. Go through the door in the next room and head down the stairs to make your way to the large door at the back. Players should then head through the next large door that will be found to their right. Get on the conveyor belt and then climb up the ladder that you will come across. Go towards the pipes to the locked door and open it up. This path will put you squarely in Lumbergh’s office. 

The Outer Worlds Clive Lumbergh

Now, you have two options here for how to deal with this character in The Outer Worlds. You can either kill Clive Lumbergh or make a deal with him. Those who kill him will need to then return to Catherine to complete this quest. Individuals who make a deal with Clive Lumbergh will complete the quest and then have the opportunity to persuade him to let you kill Catherine. If you decide not to kill either of them then make your way back to Catherine to speak with her and complete the quest. 

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