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The Outer Worlds Chimaera Armor Guide: What Is It & Where to Find It

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying The Outer Worlds as much as we have, then you’ll likely have enjoyed cracking into tidbits like the many side quests littering the world. Some of these will grant you neat little bonuses, whether it’s opportunities to see your crew in action, sweet gear, or achievements. Check out our Outer Worlds Chimaera guide on how to get this bit of armor and why it’s good. 

The Outer Worlds Chimaera Armor Guide: What Is It

So, you might be wondering why you should even bother with the Chimaera armor. Sure, the name sounds cool, but you might have already found some sweet threads. Well, the Chimaera armor is good because it gives you Dialog +10, and it’s also couture. We’re not sure if looking like you’ve stepped off the pages of Halycon Vogue actually makes you better at conversation, but maybe those motivational speakers were onto something when they said that confidence was the ticket to success. 

The Outer Worlds Chimaera Armor Guide: How to Get It

If you’re trying to find the Chimaera armor because we’ve convinced you that it’s a sartorial must-have, you’re going to have to do some favors for Celeste Jolicoeur on Byzantium first. We actually have a guide covering off part of these favors – the quest you’ll want to finish is called Make Space Suits, Won’t Travel. 

As part of doing those favors for Celeste in Make Space Suits, Won’t Travel, you’ll have to finish the following objectives:

  • Acquire Iconoclast gear
  • Acquire Marauder gear
  • Acquire Spacer gear
  • Acquire Primal Leather
  • Acquire Mantiqueen Chitin
  • Acquire Raptidon Flank Hide
  • Acquire Customized Lapel

Once you have all those materials, you’ll be able to turn them in to Celeste and we won’t spoil this next bit but suffice to say, you’ll be able to walk about with her beautiful Chimaera armor. And there you have it – our Outer Worlds Chimaera Armor guide. If you need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds, check out our tips and tricks that we’ve compiled to date:

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