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The Outer Worlds Tips and Exploits

by Ginny Woo

We’ve been enjoying the adventures that we’ve been on with The Outer Worlds, but it can be a little hard to kick things off if you’re precious when it comes to time. Luckily, there are definitely some ways to bypass the initial grind of kicking into a character-driven RPG, whether it’s easy ways to get weapons or exploits. Check out some Outer Worlds cheat codes that we’ve found while tinkering with things.

The Outer Worlds Cheat Codes

There are a number of ways that you can make your time in The Outer Worlds a little less onerous. Fancy playing god and shooting your way through pretty much anything that even looks at you funny? Well, you can definitely do that at a point. We’re gonna list some cheats below that should make things a little more explosive around these parts: 

  • Science Weapon Exploit – for best results, you’ll want to be level 10 and have Vicar Max in your party. Essentially, you will be respeccing until you have 100 Science, and then tinkering with your Science Weapons. Having your base stat this high will result in them being really powerful, and if you’re using Vicar Max then he’ll grant you a 20% increase in Science Weapon damage. Respec your stats to how you want them after tinkering with your Science Weapons and you’ll keep the boosted damage. Handy!
  • Improve Your Carrying Capacity – sure, you can wait to get Backpack mods if you want to carry more things, but you can also use Perks as a way to access all that extra inventory space on you and your companions if you don’t want to bother with mods yet. You can use the perks Pack Mule, Traveler, Pack of Pack Mules, and Super Pack Mule.
  • Prismatic Hammer Location – if you’re going to go with the Science Weapon exploit that we mentioned above, then it’s going to be hard to go wrong with the Prismatic Hammer. To find the Hammer, you just have to make way to the Groundbreaker from the entrance of the Promenade. Hop up through the air vent and you’ll meet some security that you have to dispatch with force. Doing so will get you a key that you can use to unlock the room that holds the Hammer.
  • Shock Stick Location – a good unique weapon will get you far, and if you’re looking for this melee weapon then it can be found in the Geothermal Plant on the security chief’s corpse.
  • Ol’ Reliable Location – if you’re after a good light machine gun, you can find it in the Primal Nest just resting by a corpse that’s been dumped in the canyon.
  • Salvager’s Helper – this pistol sure packs a punch, so we’d recommend saving up the 6000 bits that you need to buy it from Gladys on the Groundbreaker

These are just some ways that you can make your experience a little bit easier on Halcyon. If you’re enjoying these Outer Worlds cheat codes that we put together, then you’re definitely going to get some use out of the guides that we’ve assembled for all you spacefaring adventurers:

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