Bandai Namco’s Outcast Odyssey is a free-to-play card battler with some dungeon drawling thrown in to keep player’s hooked. You’ll discover more than 300 cards to collect and evolve, along with 40 islands to explore. You’ll pick up rare cards from the Bounty Board, then take part on Campaign and PvP battles. If you need tips for building the ultimate deck and getting the most from the game, these tips will set you on the right path.

Combat Basics

Embrace your inner rock-paper-scissors champion.  Nature beats Magic, Magic beats Tech and Tech beats Nature.  When at all possible attack the weakest enemy target.  Additionally, save the last target (which looks like a pulsing yellow orb) for your hero who almost always does the most damage. Use this same nature/magic/tech tactic when a weapon skill activates.  If you hit the activated weapon icon with the right card, you can quickly end the fight. 

Advanced Combat Tactics

Swap cards in and out if you have information on the opponent or monster you are about to fight.  Load up the right armor card or bring a deck full of cards that beat the enemy with the rock-papers-scissors mechanic.  Coming in with the right deck can make a difference between a close loss or crushing your opponent.  Remember, you can have more than one deck! 

Next, use control skills.  Freeze, Stone and Sleep are very powerful and keep your opponent (who often has crippling attacks of his or her own) from attacking.  You should have at least one of these skills to immobilize, then smash the other player. 

Tip: The Winged Unicorn is an excellent control card that causes sleep when paired with a Spiral Attack

PVP Tactics

Ensure your deck is set up to ATTACK!  All cards are designated as attack, defense or attack/defense. The deck you are using should have all attack or attack/defense designations.  If the card is a defense card, you can still use it, but its special skill won’t work (for example, Cerberus’ burn attack only works with your defense deck).  Defense cards should be used solely in your defense deck for combat. 

Know your enemy.  Until your deck gets stronger, you will see a lot of the same players.  You should go after the opponents worth the most honor points, and modify your deck to defeat said opponents.  For example, if you are going after a player with a Cerberus card and the burn attack is doing a number on you, you should get some Lava or Horseman’s armor card as a counter.

Aim low, then work your way up.  Fighting in PVP is different than the Campaign or Bounty.  This requires different tactics and different decks.  Start with the Easy battles, then work your way up to the Medium and then Hard.  The bonus honor points add up in the hardest difficulty!

Basic deck-building strategies

Farm the Campaign! If you complete an island, you will get a unique 4-star card.  You can get multiples of these cards by completing multiple islands.  The Shield and Ribbon cards are a couple of the better cards you can get in the Campaign.

Most importantly, get a set of cards that complement each other.  If you have the Ribbon (it has the Spiral and Dash skill), then add a Flying Unicorn (adds Sleep to Spiral attacks) to your deck to make your deck more effective.  As another example, if you have a hero card that boosts magic cards, it is a good idea to have several magic cards in your deck.

Tip: The Ribbon can be earned in Campaign by completing the islands

Advanced deck-building strategies

Get a 5-star or better weapon as soon as possible (or a 4-8 card set of 4-star weapons).  The chance that the special skills of a weapon will activate are considerably higher than non-weapon cards.  As decks and weapons get more powerful, activating a weapon skill can create combinations that do a lot of damage!  Building high-health decks is actually a good tactic, especially in PVP.  The chance that a skill will activate is lower when an opponent has high health, and this works for you as well!  Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have good health.  If you can, try to create a triple threat…a strong weapon with TWO cards that compliment it. For example, a Chopper, which has Bash 5 works great with Maxi who has +4 Bash further complimented by a Spirita that adds sleep to Bash.  Poke around the forums and ask your guild mates for suggestions as well.  Lastly, always re-evaluate your deck and look for opportunities to improve it.

Increase your deck strength.  If you want to get lots of honor points you should increase your deck strength.  This allows you access to tougher opponents who in turn give more honor points when defeated.  Additionally, consider using Mastery Points to increase your max number of battle tickets and honor points you earn in PVP.

You can increase your deck strength by evolving 8, not just 4 cards, and enhancing them along the way.  A high-rare card evolved using 8 cards can be quite powerful.  Using heroes and pets that boost attack and health can also make a big difference.  Play around with it and see what works best for you.

Merlin Sayer’s skill (+4 Blast) adds to the number of Blast attacks that the Singularity weapon does.  Pair up your cards in a similar way for maximum effect.

Bounty tactics and strategies

If you don’t have a lot of potions to burn, consider the “collect 3 crystals” bounty as your free bounty.  You should then try to avoid as many fights as possible and see if you can collect crystals without losing health.  Once all safe areas are clear, be strategic about which monsters you fight to clear as much space as possible.

3-star bounties are the most common, but 4-star bounties will appear from time-to-time.  Check the Bounty area often and try to snag one of those valuable cards!

Tip: You get a free bounty every day.  Keep your eyes out for the occasional high-rare rewards.

How to get the best cards

Aside from Packs and Bundles, which contain the very best cards, you can get good cards (high-rare or better) in the Campaign by completing the islands and also in the Bounty.  Don’t forget the 5-star Bounty that is available each Sunday!  Lastly, join a guild and participate in the Guild Wars events.  The rewards and opportunity to get quality cards are very good in events!

Tip: Be sure to participate in the 5-star bounty every Sunday.  You can get great cards like the Crossbow.

Enhancing and evolving

You should always enhance your cards before evolving them.  This can take a while, but it is worth it, especially if you are evolving with 8 cards. The best place to get “feeder” cards is in the Campaign and usually in an area you have already cleared (the difficulty is lower and you won’t die as quickly). 

Tip: Collect and evolve 8 cards to realize their potential

Where to get gold and gems

Farming (playing in lower-level islands previously completed) in the Campaign is the best way to earn lots of gold.  Bounties also give a large cache of gold at the end when completed.  Gems can be earned by completing islands, completing bounties that give gem rewards, and in the Arena at the end of the week (join a guild for substantial gem rewards!)

Tip: Farm the Campaign for gold and some gems. 

Play Outcast Odyssey from the App Store and Google Play.