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The Order: 1886 Tips and Tricks – Blacksite, Kill Lycans, Cook Grenades

by Prima Games Staff

Sony released its thrilling cinematic adventure, The Order: 1886 exclusively for the PS4 console, plunging gamers into Victorian-Era London, where Sir Galahad and his heroic Knights wield electrically-charged weaponry to battle Half-Breeds, also referred to as Lycans. It’s both a gorgeous and enthralling experience that comes with intense combat. Lycans are the biggest threat, but not the only adversaries you’ll face. To win the fight, we have different strategies to beat The Order, from using cover to harnessing the power of different weapons.

Tip: When Galahad picks up an object, press triangle in combination with tilting the left analog stick to examine it. You may uncover interesting bits of info.

How to use cover 

Despite packing state-of-the-art weapons like the Essex M86 FL Thermite Rifle and the TS-29 Magnetically-Assisted Cannon, Galahad is susceptible to enemy fire and may get overwhelmed on multiple occasions.  Coming out guns blazing makes you fearsome, but also a sitting duck. Thankfully there are numerous cover locations throughout the game, and you should always make note of these areas before tackling the next section.

Tip: If the screen begins turning red, quickly go behind cover to allow Galahad to regenerate health.

While behind cover, survey the area and make note of the different enemies. When ready, press L2 and Galahad will peak out from cover with the targeting reticule on the screen. Place the reticule over an enemy and release L2 to go back into cover. Similar to other shooting games, doing this maintains Galahad’s position on this enemy, so when you press L2 again he’ll automatically aim in that direction, which is useful unless the enemy moved.

If you want to examine the area with minimal exposure, peak by tilting the left stick in the direction of the cover Galahad is behind. In other words, tilt the stick toward the edge and he’ll peak from that edge. Should you choose to move, continue tilting the left stick in the desired direction and tap Circle for Galahad to slip around a corner.  You can even move from cover point to cover point by tilting the left stick towards the next piece of cover and pressing Circle.

Conversely, pressing X disengages cover and makes Galahad sprint. Or, you can tilt the left stick towards the top of a short enough object and press X for Galahad to jump over it.

How to use Blackwater 

Years from now, medical breakthroughs in CRISPR research may lengthen people’s lives.  Since CRISPR does not exist in The Order, we have Blackwater, magical goop that allows the Knights to live for centuries. It will also prevent you from experiencing a game over.

When Galahad becomes incapacitated, press Triangle to instruct him to drink the Blackwater and get back into the action. If X appears on-screen, quickly mash this button to boost his health and Blackwater.

There’s a good chance Galahad will collapse while out in the open. DO NOT immediately drink Blackwater. Instead, crawl to the nearest cover point to disappear from sight, then drink.

How to use Blacksight 


Many third person shooters feature the ability to slow down time, and you can add The Order to the growing list. To gain a huge advantage against your enemies, press L1 to access Blacksight. Galahad will immediately target the closest foe, and you’ll want to press R2 to fire his current weapon and make this person dead.

You’ll know the targeted enemy is done for when the reticule turns red, so immediately go after the next one by tilting the right analog stick towards him. No need for you to be precise because the game does the work for you; the reticule quickly locks onto the next target.

Definitely keep an eye on the Blacksight meter at the bottom of the screen to see how much is left. When everyone is dead, tap L1 to turn Blacksight off and save the rest for another time.

To refill Blacksight, kill enemies without using this ability. The meter refills quickly, so use it as often as you’d like!

Tip: To damage and perhaps kill multiple enemies at once, activate Blacksight and then fire the Feederle C-81 Maschinenpistole. Not only is this a great tactic against groups, but also Lycans.

How to use the Stamford Lockpick

Picking locks became second nature in Dying Light, and the same holds true for The Order: 1886. You’ll occasionally discover a door that requires special skills to open, and for that, there’s the Stamford Lockpick. Thankfully, the lockpicking mini game is more intricate than in Dying Light, and comes with a cool special effect that showcases the inner workings of the lock mechanism.

To use the Stamford Lockpick, walk up to a security door and tap the Triangle button on the DualShock 4 to instruct Galahad to immediately insert the item into the keyhole.  This also brings up the visually stimulating x-ray view.

Now press and hold the L2 button to access the air cylinder. You should be able to see the first three tumblers; the next pin is highlighted white.  Continue holding L2 and then carefully twist the right analog stick. You’ll feel the controller vibrate, and you basically want to rotate until the rumble subsides; if you switched off force feedback, pay close attention to the pin, and wait for it to get pushed upwards.

When you manipulate the pin, press the R2 button to essentially bypass it. From there, repeat this process for subsequent pins. Once you disengage them all, press the Triangle button again to complete the lockpicking, and the door should now be unlocked.

How to use the TS-27 Inverter Rectifier

Electrical wizard Nikola Tesla makes a welcome appearance in Sony’s PS4 adventure. In fact, he supplies Galahad with his latest invention, the TS-27 Inverter, which opens electromagnetically sealed doors.

When you encounter one of these doors, approach and watch as Galahad automatically pulls out the TS-27. Now it’s mini game time!

Check out the thin glass tubes to the left and right. Notice the mercury inside? You’ll also see two red needles on each tube.  The goal is to position the mercury between these needles.  To do this, click in L3 (left analog stick) to freeze the mercury in the left tube, and R3 (right analog stick) to do the same with the mercury in the right tube. You can do one after the other, but don’t take too long or the TS-27 resets, forcing you to start from the beginning.

Weapon tips 


Tip: Snipers give themselves away. Look for a shimmer in the distance and get behind cover. Now you know the sniper’s location. 

Plain pistols and rifles may not seem nearly as cool as the other items Galahad gets to play with, but you’ll score double and sometimes triple the damage if you shoot someone in the head with these guns.

The Arc Induction Lance is a no muss, no fuss kind of weapon. All you have to do is fire towards your enemies and the electric bolt will strike the person closest to the reticule.

Lycans are big, mean and intimidating, but they’re also vulnerable. With the M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle equipped, unleash a concussive blast to stun these creatures. 

Enemies will often use cover to avoid your attacks, but there’s a way around this. Pull out Galahad’s Thermite Rifle and send a cloud their way, then quickly ignite it with the alternate fire flare to create a mini thermite storm.  Similarly, smoke grenades confuse enemies and make them easier to locate.

Every grenade in this game will explode in four seconds once you pull the pin. That means you have a limited amount of time to cook a grenade before throwing. We suggest waiting roughly two seconds before tossing one. This gives the target less time to wander outside the blast radius.

Tip: When going the stealthy route, make note of enemy patterns. Slowly creep (do not run) behind someone and wait for Triangle to appear on the screen. Immediately tap it to pull off a silent takedown. You’ll also press Triangle when performing melee attacks.

Killing Lycans, or Half-Breeds 


These guys are ugly, vicious and downright mean.  The best way to kill one is to wound it with gunfire, rushing over to the now stunned monster and quickly pressing Triangle for the final blow. Basically, Blacksight is your friend, along with the C-81 Maschinenpistole.

Should a Lycan charge, wait for X to appear on the screen and then tilt the left analog stick left or right while simultaneously tapping X to dodge out of harm’s way.

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