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Octopath Traveler Characters, Talents, Path Actions

by Bryan Dawson

There are eight Octopath Traveler characters that each offer a unique starting job class, path action and talent. As you begin playing the game, many people are going to want to know all of the Octopath Traveler starting job classes, as well as the character talents and path actions. In this article we cover all of the Octopath Traveler characters, including the Octopath Traveler path actions and starting jobs so you can get a better idea of how you should approach the early game.

Every hero in Octopath Traveler has a default job, special talent and path action. While the starting job class and talent are unique, some characters do share similar path actions. Knowing all of the default jobs, talents and path actions can help you understand each character’s role in the game and how you want to play.

Characters, Talents and Path Actions


  • Job – Warrior
  • Path Action – Challenge: Ability to challenge townspeople to a duel.
  • Talent – Bolster Defense: Boost while defending in order to protect against mighty blows.


  • Job – Scholar
  • Path Action – Scrutinize: Obtain new information from the townspeople. 
  • Talent – Study Foe: Gain insight into an enemy’s weaknesses. 


  • Job – Merchant
  • Path Action – Purchase: Purchase items from townspeople.
  • Talent – Eye for Money: Collect money left by fallen adventurers, merchants, and other NPCs.


  • Job – Cleric
  • Path Action – Guide: Guide townspeople, who also follow wherever Ophilia goes.
  • Talent – Summon: Summon a townsperson under her guidance to aid in battle. 


  • Job – Dancer
  • Path Action – Allure: Lure townspeople into following Primrose.
  • Talent – Summon: Summon a townsperson she has charmed to aid in battle.


  • Job – Apothecary
  • Path Action – Inquire: Learn new information from people.
  • Talent – Concoct: Create potions and substances from ingredients in order  to aid allies or harm foes in battle.


  • Job – Thief
  • Path Action – Steal: Steal the belongings of townspeople.
  • Talent – Pick Lock: Open locked treasure chests.


  • Job – Hunter
  • Path Action – Provoke: Use beasts to provoke people into battle.
  • Talent – Capture: Capture monsters and beasts in battle, and train them to fight by H’aanit’s side.

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