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No Rooms Found in Dragon Ball FighterZ

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been available for a few weeks now, but many players have been having trouble with online play. The Dragon Ball FighterZ No Rooms Found error has been cropping up a lot, and while Bandai Namco and Arc System Works will have the issue resolved via a series of patches coming in late February and sometime in mid-late March, people want to play the game now. This article covers some of the ways you can get around the No Rooms Found error in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

No Rooms Found

When trying to setup a Ring Match players have been coming across an issue in which the game states that no rooms are found, despite that clearly not being the issue. Before we get into some of the solutions for this problem, it should be clearly stated that there is no end-all, be-all fix for this. While there are a few tricks that will work sometimes, there are a lot of variables that go into this error, so even these solutions won’t work every time for all players. Our best advice is to just keep trying these tricks until they work for you.

Change Lobbies

One way to reset the server system so the error goes away is to change lobbies. Every time you exit and enter a lobby the game establishes a new connection that could solve the issue of no rooms being found. While the Ring Match lobbies were setup so people could find Ring Matches easier, there’s nothing else special about them, so try any other lobby. Some people have had success with empty lobbies in foreign territories, but that’s still not guaranteed to make it work.

Change the Host

If you created a Ring Match and your friends can’t get in due to the error, have one of your friends create the Ring Match instead. Changing the host in this manner can sometimes resolve the issue. We’ve seen cases in which six people try to get into a Ring Match, and one person can’t get in no matter who hosts, but if they host it works for everyone.

Connection Details

When setting up a Ring Match, one of the ways people have gotten around the No Rooms error is by changing the Connection Details from Prioritize Connection to Anything Goes. This option can be found near the bottom of the Ring Match creation page when you press  R2 or RT to create a Ring Match.

While none of these tricks are guaranteed to make Ring Matches work, all of them have worked in the past at various times. Try switching between these solutions until one finally works. We’ve had Ring Matches work after trying just one of these solutions, but we’ve also spent 30 minutes trying all of these solutions before one finally works. It’s hit or miss, but it’s better than not being able to play at all.

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