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No One Lives Under the Lighthouse: All Trophies and Achievements Listed

Every challenge on the way to earning a new retro horror PlayStation platinum trophy or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore

by Grant Testa

After originally launching for PC back in 2020, No One Lives Under the Lighthouse has finally arrived on consoles three years later, as the game released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 18, 2023. Along with the retro-styled horror game’s arrival on new platforms comes a list of trophies and achievements for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game on the way to earning the game’s platinum trophy or 1,000 Gamerscore. Here are all of the trophies and achievements featured in No One Lives Under the Lighthouse, including their respective rarity and Gamerscore.

No One Lives Under the Lighthouse Trophy and Achievement Lists

The Major Arcana (Platinum Trophy / 100 Gamerscore)

Now, you rest in peace.

The Fool (Bronze Trophy / 45 Gamerscore)

You’ve picked the wrong target.

The Magician (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You’ve followed the false sign.

The High Priestess (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You’ve performed the ceremony.

The Empress (Gold Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You’ve proved your courage.

The Emperor (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

As expected, you’ve kept your domain clean.

The Hierophant (Bronze Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You knew that faith will guide and protect you.

The Lovers (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

When it called for you, you’ve answered.

The Chariot (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You’ve went through the dangers.

Justice (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

And if you could not – you’ve still held the urge.

The Hermit (Bronze Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You’ve found the shelter where no one could.

Wheel of Fortune (Gold Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

And yet both your fortune and doom are your own achievement.

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Strength (Bronze Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You’ve listened to no warnings.

The Hanged Man (Bronze Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Then, your fate was revealed.

Death (Silver Trophy / 45 Gamerscore)

Sometimes there’s only one way to get away from the darkness.

Temperance (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Yet you were patient to continue your search.

The Devil (Gold Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Once fallen, you would not allow another one to fall.

The Tower (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

From day to day, you’ve fought the silence in the tower.

The Star (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Then came a sign brought through a blurry vision.

The Moon (Gold Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

You thought you’ve lost the way.

The Sun (Gold Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

But you inner light is enough.

Judgement (Gold Trophy / 45 Gamerscore)

Now, when you’ve accepted the burden.

The World (Gold Trophy / 45 Gamerscore)

The isolation ended.

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