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No More Heroes Boss Guide: How to Beat Dr. Peace

by Lucas White

After you take out Death Metal, No More Heroes loses any interest in throwing you a bone. There’s only so much room for tutorialising. After all, this time Travis Touchdown is battling to enter the top ten in the United States’ official assassin rankings. Dr. Peace is one of the most memorable bosses in No More Heroes, not only because he’s the first one you have to work for, he also has a goofy singing scene that’s so impressionable you can buy it as a single. But while Dr. Peace is a fun character to further establish No More Heroes’ tone, he can also be a tricky boss if you aren’t prepared.

No More Heroes Dr. Peace Boss Guide

You face off against Dr. Peace at the Santa Destroy baseball stadium, and he calmly stands on the pitcher’s mound the entire fight. However, Travis starts all the way back at the stadium’s entrance, and Dr. Peace fights with a revolver. The fight is essentially about figuring out how to safely close distance to a ranged opponent, as opposed to Death Metal’s back and forth swordplay. 

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Like any good boss fight worth their salt, Dr. Peace has a regular pattern you have to poke holes in to win. He starts off by firing a volley of shots at a set interval, which you’ll have to get around to do any damage. Blocking is a bad idea here; while you will properly defend yourself, blocking eats up your battery and comes with enough pushback to reverse your progress. Instead you want to approach the pitcher’s mound at an angle to get a head start on moving out of the way, then dodge to the side right before Peace starts shooting. His second attack is preceded by a big charging animation, letting you know to get the hell out of the way.

If you don’t dodge Peace’s big shot, you’ll get knocked all the way back to your starting point, totally kneecapping your progress. Essentially, the first phase of this fight is all about knowing when to dodge and when to advance, and once you get up to Peace you can start swinging. But don’t get too crazy, as this guy doesn’t wait long to fight back once he defends himself. It’s just as easy to get knocked back from the pitcher’s mound, so you can’t let your guard down.

Dr. Peace needs to take a lot of punishment, so make sure you’re paying attention to your battery. Especially if you need to block any shots, you’re probably going to have to run after a battery (blue) treasure box – it’s safer than charging manually if you can avoid it. Once you finally wear Dr. Peace down, he’ll blast you back to the start and there’s nothing you can do about it. Work your way all the way back again, and you’ll be able to deliver the finishing blow once you make it.

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