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No More Heroes Boss Guide: How to Beat Bad Girl

by Lucas White

As you get through the gauntlet of bosses in No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown meets all kinds of colorful characters. Each one has their own motivation or reason for fighting, and as the player you never truly get the full picture. But with Bad Girl, you get everything you need to know.

Bad Girl is totally unhinged, and really all she wants in life is to pound beers and smash heads in with her baseball bat. Hers might be the most complex boss fight in the game, if only because she just does more things. But if you can get your timing right and spot small details, you can cruise by the hard parts no problem.

Bad Girl’s main offensive technique is trying the hell out of your patience. It’s hard to gauge approximately, but a good chunk of this fight will be waiting for Bad Girl to make a move. But she’s just as content to strut around the field and wait for you to lose your cool first.

And if you do try to attack too early, you’re probably going to figure out what a baseball bat tastes like.

No More Heroes Boss Guide: How to Beat Bad Girl

It is possible to force Bad Girl’s hand a bit, if you’re confident enough to get close to her. This seems to make her attack more often.

She has several attacks even at the beginning, each of which has a different property. She has a combo swing, a downward swing, and a couple of charge attacks, one of which has a delayed impact that tries to make you dodge early.

Even if you do dodge on time, you need to really nail it to get an early attack window. Otherwise you’ll be better off waiting until she’s done to get a few punish pokes in. 

Like many bosses before her, Bad Girl has an instant kill technique she’ll try to use often. But this one’s weird and reflects her willingness to stall for time. Bad Girl will collapse to the ground and pretend to cry, giving the player an apparent opening.

But if you fall for it, you’re dead. That said, she can be vulnerable when she does this. Watch her hands; if she’s holding her bat still, do not touch her. But if she has both hands on her face, you can just roll up and get some free hits.

If you’re staying back, the second she yells an f-bomb you’ll be able to attack without fearing a lethal counterattack.

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Bad Girl will also run back to the conveyor belt, which produces a goon she’ll launch at you like a baseball. If you time it right you can attack the enemy in mid-air, and send it back for some bonus damage.

You can also roll out of the way and deal with them the hard way if you want, but she’ll send another one or two at you if you do. As the fight goes on she’ll return the hit, so you’ll want to be ready for a little Zelda action. 

For her second phase, Bad Girl will set her bat on fire and add a shockwave attack to the list. The shockwave is deceptively large, so we advise figuring out what you can and can’t get away with while dodging.

If all else fails you can roll backwards, but you might not have time for a counter. Otherwise her moves are the same, but they do way more damage if they connect. Bad Girl hit hard already, so Travis really can’t take many fiery hits.

With Bad Girl out of the way, Travis has reached the number two spot, as well as set up the plot for Travis Strikes Back. There’s only one fight left… or is there? As always, check us out on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter if you like what we’re doing.

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