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No Man’s Sky – How to Get an Atlas Pass v3, v2 and v1

by Bryan Dawson

In No Man’s Sky, there are many areas you can’t go until you find the Atlas Pass v1, v2 or v3. This article covers how to get all variations of the Atlas Pass so you can open all of the locked doors found on space stations and on the planets you encounter during your travels. Generally speaking, these locked doors lead to various rewards that will only help you along your journey through the galaxy, so the faster you have an Atlas Pass, the better off you are.

While the contents of these locked doors vary from space station to space station and planet to planet, there are some general items which you will almost always find. You won’t necessarily find more Units to help along your journey, 

  • Atlas Pass v1 – When you’re in a space station you’ll find storage containers and a few doors that require the Atlas Pass v1. Inside you’ll generally find upgrades to your exosuit inventory, new technology for upgrades and more.
  • Atlas Pass v2 – There are a variety of ruins and other structures on planets that you encounter. Many of these have locked doors that require an Atlas Pass v2 to open. Inside you’ll usually find story-related events that help push you closer to the center of the universe or reward you in some other way.
  • Atlas Pass v3 – The v3 Atlas Pass opens the second super secret door you find inside the door that opened with the v1 Atlas Pass. You can usually find these doors in the Trading Point portion of the space station as well. Inside you’ll usually find some useful flora and other resources and weaponry.

The great thing about the Atlas Pass is that you only ever need one of each version. You’ll need to craft the first one (once you find the blueprints — more on that below), but the requirements are minimal, and once you have them in your inventory, you never have to make another one. In addition, an Atlas Pass v3 can open Atlas Pass v2 doors as well, although an Atlas Pass v2 cannot open Atlas Pass v3 doors.

To get an Atlas Pass v1 follow the main story and speak with the Gek alien Polo that you mean in the first Space Anomaly you come across. If you don’t know how to follow the main story to get to the Gek, simply follow the path to the first Atlas Interface you come across on your Galactic Map. Head to the first Atlas Interface and the next star system you warp to will contain a Space Anomaly. Of course, don’t forget to name the new star system.

To get an Atlas Pass v2 and v3 all you need to do is visit the Signal Scanners on planets and select the Colonial Outpost option. You can find these Signal Scanners by looking for the orange beam of light shooting into the air once you enter the atmosphere of a new planet. It generally takes up to 10 visits to a Colonial Outpost before you find an Atlas Pass v2 or v3, but with a bit of patience and a little luck you will find one. If you select the Colonial Outpost option every time you should have the Atlas Pass you desire within an hour or two.

We’ll have more on No Man’s Sky over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to Prima Games.