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Nioh 2 Mutated Skin Guide – Crafting Material

by Ginny Woo

So, have you been enjoying your time in Nioh 2 as much as we have? There’s so much to love in this vicious Souls-like, whether it’s the endless combat or the raft of customization options ranging from your armor to the very cheekbones of your character. The game’s one hell of an immersive experience on all fronts, which means that if you’re as motivated to find success as we are, you’re probably scrambling to actually get your mitts on all the crafting materials necessary to upgrade your gear. Need help with sourcing some of those materials? Check out our Nioh 2 Mutated Skin guide. 

Nioh 2 Mutated Skin Guide – Crafting Material

So, you’re after some Mutated Skin. Yeah, we know, it honestly sounds like the absolute worst thing out of context, but luckily picking up this kind of thing is fairly normal in Nioh 2. For better or for worse, perhaps. Well, whatever you’re collecting this for, we’re not going to judge. If we were in your shoes though, we’d make sure that the Mutated Skin gets turned over to a Blacksmith (they also sell Reincarnation Books, which we have more on here) so that they can upgrade your weapons and your armor as necessary. While you can find pretty much every crafting material randomly from loot sources out and about in the world, most of the time they’re going to be dropped from specific enemies.

If you’re on the hunt for the Nioh 2 Mutated Skin crafting material specifically, then the type of enemy that you’re going to have to take down is the Dweller. Dwellers are essentially the zombie analogs in the game, which means that they were once humans who were turned into yokai. You can find these Dwellers pretty plentifully throughout the world of Nioh 2, and you’ll be slashing through a whole heap of them when you’re on the story mission called The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. They’re going to be just chilling out in mines and other subterranean locations as well, so go scouting around there if you’re short on Mutated Skin. Dwellers will also be able to drop Soul Cores. 

Now that you’ve got our guide to picking up the Nioh 2 Mutated Skin crafting material while you’re kicking around the world and knocking out Dwellers, it should be much easier for you to amass this material for all your potential crafting needs both current and in the future. Need a hand with anything else in Nioh 2? Check out the various tips and tricks that we’ve compiled for slayers just like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game. 

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