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Nika Futterman – DOOM Eternal and Chum Chum Voice Actor

by Nicholas Barth

The voice actor cast of DOOM Eternal has an array of talented and veteran professionals who have helped to bring life to a treasure trove of iconic characters. One of these skilled individuals is Nika Futterman, who voices one of the main characters of the latest entry in the legendary video game franchise. Fans have also discovered that she is the person behind a role in the show Fanboy and Chum Chum, much to the fondness for those who noticed the unique relationship between the two entertainment franchises. 

Nika Futterman DOOM Eternal and Chum Chum Voice Actor

Players will find that Nika Futterman is the voice actor behind Khan Maykr, who is the main villain of the new first-person shooter and wants nothing more than to see you fail in your mission to save humanity from the demonic forces of hell. However, Nika Futterman has also voiced the character of Chum Chum in a much less severe and dark role than compared to the Khan Maykr.

It is unlikely that we will ever get a crossover between these two franchises. Still, it is always interesting to see the range of depth that a voice actor like Nika Futterman has to where she can expertly play two completely different characters without any trouble. 

Nika Futterman Doom Eternal Chum Chum Voice Actor

(photo courtesy of Fandom)

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