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Ni No Kuni II Silver Nugget Locations

by Bryan Dawson

There are quite a few quest items that you’ll need as you play through Ni No Kuni 2, and one of them is silver nuggets. A few different quests require silver nuggets in Ni No Kuni 2, so instead of focusing on each quest, we’ll just tell you how to find silver nuggets in the game.  There are a few different ways you can do it, some easier than others, but we’ll list them all so you can find silver nuggets in the easiest way for you.

Where to Find Silver Nuggets

  • Mining Camp No. 1 (Level 2)
  • Eert Grove
  • Calmlands
  • Makronos
  • Abyss
  • Swift Solutions Shop

The easiest and most reliable way to farm silver nuggets is to upgrade your Mining Camp No. 1 facility to level 2. With almost anyone manning the facility you’ll get several silver nuggets every hour. If you continue to upgrade it, or add Mining Camp No. 2 or No. 3, you’ll be able to get every more silver nuggets.

If you’re not far enough in the game to get your Mining Camp facilities leveled up, you can purchase silver nuggets from Swift Solutions locations (look for the penguin icon on the map in Goldpaw and Hydropolis), or farm silver nuggets in Eert Grove and the Calmlands near Goldpaw. Wyverns, Slimes and Porc Chops all drop silver nuggets at varying rates. We had more luck with Wyverns than other enemies, but they all will drop silver nuggets.

A bit later in the game you can find silver nuggets near Hydropolis in the Makronos and Abyss areas. Once again, you’ll have different drop rates depending on the enemies you fight, but these are all somewhat higher level enemies compared to the ones you’ll find near Goldpaw. In most cases you’re better off farming in Eert Grove or using your Mining Camp facilities.

For more information, such as finding grass-green thread, be sure to check out our Ni No Kuni 2 game hub!

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