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New Pokemon Snap | How Long to Beat

by Morgan Shaver

Like its predecessor, New Pokemon Snap is short, but there’s a lot more content packed into the game than one might expect. To help give you a better idea as to how much time you’ll need to get through the game in its entirety, here’s a look at how long it’ll take to beat New Pokemon Snap! 

New Pokemon Snap | How Long to Beat 

The answer to the question “how long to beat New Pokemon Snap?” is around 10 hours depending on your playstyle. If you only want to run through the courses as much as necessary in order to progress, you can potentially beat the game in as little as 8 hours.

With that being said, completing the campaign is only one of the things you’re able to do in New Pokemon Snap. By photographing Pokemon, you’ll slowly fill out the game’s Pokédex.

If “snapping” em’ all is important to you, it’ll take a bit of legwork to track down all of the Pokemon in the game. Furthermore, each photo you take of a Pokemon is graded on a scale from 1 to 4 stars.

To truly complete an entry for a Pokemon in the game’s Pokédex, you’ll need to have a photo at each of these star levels. After beating the game, you’ll also be able to earn scores for the courses you play and compare your scores to the scores of other players. You can do that with your photo scores as well.

Note that after beating the campaign, a new course will unlock that you can only play after the campaign’s completion, Reef (Evening). This is another incentive to continue playing New Pokemon Snap after you’re done with the campaign.

Regardless of what you choose to do though, the average completion times for New Pokemon Snap range from 8 to 10 hours if you’re focused solely on getting to the end credits. 

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