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New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Sleepy Gliscor

by Morgan Shaver

In New Pokemon Snap, some research requests are relatively simple to complete, while others like Sleepy Gliscor present more of a challenge. The reason why research requests like Sleepy Gliscor are challenging boil down to the number of steps you’ll need to complete – all with fast, precise timing – in order to set everything up properly. 

Make one mistake and you’ll need to restart and try again until you get everything perfect. To hopefully make the process easier, we’ve put together a guide on how to complete the Sleepy Gliscor research request in New Pokemon Snap! 

New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Sleepy Gliscor

Sleepy Gliscor is a research request in New Pokemon Snap that can be completed in the Barren Badlands (Night) course at Research Level 2 or higher. What you’ll need to do in order to complete it is set up a sort of domino effect of various Pokemon like Diglett, Sandstorm Vivillon, Sahara Vivillon, and Gliscor all being in the right place at the right time.

One thing that will likely help you in completing this research request is using LT to zoom your camera for more precise Illumina Orb throws, even at a distance, along with using RT to speed up the NEO-ONE after the boulder leading to the alternate side path falls. With that out of the way, here are all of the steps! 

Steps to Complete Sleepy Gliscor


  • When you first begin the course, look to your left and up and you’ll see some Vivillon, including a Sandstorm Vivillon. Throw Illumina Orbs at the Sandstorm Vivillon to get them to fly towards the canyon area.

    This step can come before or after the Diglett step as both Pokemon are in the same area. We personally recommend doing this immediately before the Diglett step as soon as the course begins. 

  • Next, use your Illumina Orbs to take three photographs of Diglett. This can be done by throwing an Illumina Orb at the patches of moving dirt on the ground to get Diglett to poke its head up.

    By snapping three photos of Diglett, you’ll get them to move into the correct position where they can move a boulder and unlock an alternate side path. 

  • Note that if you get too close to the three Diglett before tossing an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom, you may scare them away before they move the boulder in which case you’ll need to restart the course. 

    With the three Diglett in place, throw an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom located near a large boulder to get the three Digletts to move it

  • Immediately scan the area behind you after the boulder falls, then press and hold X over the scan point to take the alternate side route you’ve opened

    Press and hold RT to speed up the NEO-ONE and try to get ahead of the Vivillon and give yourself more time. 

  • After the geyser pops you up, you’ll see Gliscor. Hit Gliscor with a Fluffruit and it’ll get annoyed and head over to a cliff on your left where you can photograph it

  • As it’s doing this, look around (behind) for the Vivillon you threw Illumina Orbs at earlier and throw another Illumina Orb at the Sandstorm Vivillon (if there’s two, there’s no harm in hitting both with an Illumina Orb).

  • Next, watch as the Sandstorm Vivillon heads over to a sleeping Sahara Vivillon on the canyon wall near Gliscor’s little ledge area. Sandstorm Vivillon should wake up Sahara Vivillon.

    In some rare cases this may not happen and you may need to restart (we had to restart once because our timing was a bit off with throwing the Illumina Orb at Sandstorm Vivillon here in the canyon). 

  • Watch the Sahara Vivillon as it interacts with Gliscor and makes Gliscor sleepy. With Gliscor sleepy from its encounter with Sahara Vivillon, it’ll yawn.

    It won’t yawn immediately so keep your camera zoomed in on Gliscor and keep snapping photos until it yawns to snag yourself a 4-star photo and complete the Sleepy Gliscor research request. 

As you can tell by the listed steps, this can be an extremely complicated research request to complete. In the event you mess up on a step (like we did several times), you can always press the + button to bring up the menu, then select “Retry” to start the course over again. 

It may take a few tries to memorize where everything is and the timing that’s needed with the Illumina Orbs, Fluffruit, and so on. Don’t get discouraged, just keep restarting and trying over again and eventually everything will line up perfectly. 

Last, but certainly not least, to see these steps in action we’ve included a video for you below courtesy of YouTuber Mon Facts. We hope this helps! 

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