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New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Hiding in the Sand

by Morgan Shaver

In New Pokemon Snap, there are a variety of requests for players to complete including one called Hiding in the Sand. Similar to other requests, the instructions given are on the vague side, leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

To help make things as easy as possible, we’ve put together a guide for you explaining how to complete the Hiding in the Sand request in New Pokemon Snap! 

New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Hiding in the Sand

The “Hiding in the Sand” request in New Pokemon Snap is one that’ll be completed along the hidden route of Blushing Beach (Day) course. Research Level isn’t as important for this one as having that alternate route unlocked and accessible. 

Once you have access to that, your next order of business is taking a photo of Stunfisk and Octillery. To do this, head along the Blushing Beach (Day) course and take the alternate route by scanning with X and then holding X to confirm you want to head in that direction. 

Along the alternate route, keep an eye out for an Octillery that’s underwater with a Stunfisk beside it. They’re located to your right, and there will be a hint to scan with X where Octillery and Stunfisk are. 

When you see Octillery, press X to Scan so that Stunfisk pops up out of the sand near Octillery

With Stunfisk visible (out of the sand, but still underwater), throw a Fluffruit at it by pressing B making sure to hit Stunfisk with the Fluffruit directly. When you throw the Fluffruit, it’ll bob at the top of the water’s surface for a while before sinking. 

It may take you a few throws to get the Fluffruit to sink down to the bottom right where you want it to so be sure to throw plenty of Fluffruit to ensure you hit Stunfisk. After Stunfisk is hit by the Fluffruit it’ll emit two electric shocks.

The first is smaller, like a practice shock, while the second larger shock is the one you need to take a photo of. 

Note that in order to complete the Hiding in the Sand request your photo needs to include both Stunfisk emitting that second, larger electric shock and Octillery, though the subject Pokemon needs to be Stunfisk

We say this because our first attempt had the correct photo but the subject was Octillery and it didn’t count towards the request progress. That being said, if Octillery isn’t in the photo with Stunfisk, you won’t be able to complete the request as well.

In the event you miss the photo opportunity, you can pause the game and select “Retry” to jump back in. You can also press RT to speed up the NEO-ONE to get back to that hidden route in the Blushing Beach (Day) course where Octillery and Stunfisk are located.

Once you’ve successfully captured a photo of Stunfisk emitting a large electric shock with Octillery in the photo, select and show that photo to Professor Mirror at the end of the course and the Hiding in the Sand request should be marked as complete.

Below, we’ve recapped all of the steps needed to complete the Hiding in the Sand request in New Pokemon Snap.

  • Run through the Blushing Beach (Day) course and take the alternate route.

  • Look for Octillery underwater on your right side, there will be a prompt to scan with X here as well.

  • Press X to scan to make Stunfisk pop up out of the sand.

  • Press B to throw Fluffruit at the water over Stunfisk so that one sinks down and hits it.

  • Once Stunfisk is hit, it’ll emit two electric shocks. Take a photo of the second electric shock.

  • Photo needs to be of Stunfisk, but also needs to have Octillery in the shot.

  • At the end of the course, select and show the photo you’ve taken to Professor Mirror to complete the Hiding in the Sand request in New Pokemon Snap.

As a reward for completing the Hiding in the Sand request, you’ll earn the “Eye A” sticker in New Pokemon Snap.

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