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New Marvel Snap Location: Orchis Forge — What Does It Do?

Robot invasion!

by Nikola L

It’s that time of the week again when Marvel Snap gets a new Location introduced to the game, and this one is fairly exciting, yet slightly hindering. This is about Orchis Forge, a space station that Orchis built from materials that were once Sol’s Hammer. Later, its purpose was changed so that Mother Mold can be created. Mother Mold was then used to create Master Molds which would then fight the mutants. See the connection with the new card released today? Prima Games will showcase the new Location called Orchis Forge in Marvel Snap in this article. Enjoy!

What is the Effect of Orchis Forge Location in Marvel Snap?

Orchis Forge is a Location that works when you play a card on it. The effect is:

 After you play a card here, add a Sentinel to your hand.

*Insert obligatory Oprah Winfrey meme*

Best Uses for Orchis Forge in Marvel Snap

There’s nothing much about Orchis Forge that you can do to abuse it, really. It works OK with Devil Dino and aggressive decks that dump their hand fast. We have spoken about this in the related article about Master Mold:

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Basically, you need to be very careful when playing cards in this Location. Sometimes, you can clog your hand by having too many Sentinel copies in your hand. You basically can’t get rid of them, the more you play them, the more they come (and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming) except if you’re running a Discard deck (which you don’t want to do, because that potentially screws up Hela’s play).

That’s about it for this featured Location. Tread carefully and check out our Marvel Snap tag under this article for more cool stuff about Marvel Snap. Until next time!

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