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New Marvel Snap Location: Asteroid M — What Does It Do?

Hi, Vulture!

by Nikola L

We at Prima Games cannot get enough news from Marvel Snap these days and it inspires us to shell out a lot of cool new content. This time around, it’s a new Location that many of you Move Deck players will love and have fun with while it’s a Featured Hot Location. Without further ado, here’s the showcase of Asteroid M, a New Location in Marvel Snap. See what it does below.

Asteroid M – New Marvel Snap Location for Move Decks

The text (effect) of Asteroid M in Marvel Snap is simple and straightforward:

After you play a 3 or 4-Cost card, move it here.

If you missed out on the Patch Notes from March 21, check out our report:

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Vulture and Doctor Strange are going to love this! The order of resolution is that the card is played, revealed, and has done its effect, it gets moved to Asteroid M. Cosmo players will hate this Location on Turns 3 and 4, because in most cases, you will fail to negate an important On Reveal Effect (such as Shuri).

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Kingpin and Magneto memes are about to drop hard regarding this Location, so be on the lookout. If you would like to counter Move decks, Professor X decks would be a great solution. Clogging up the Middle Location with Professor X literally disables the Move function for the most part.

Playing stuff behind Angela is a brilliant strategy as well, because Asteroid M sends the cards away while leaving the +2 Power bonus on Angela, which allows you to raise Angela’s Power level beyond currently known limitations.

But unironically, put Vulture in your Deck. Find some spot for Vulture. Vulture will help you. Vulture will be 3/8 in a good part of your matches. It’s better than Maximus! Good players always (ab)use Featured Hot Locations.

Check out our Marvel Snap tag for more cool stuff about Marvel Snap. See you soon at Prima Games!

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