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New Marvel Snap Featured Location: Plunder Castle

Oh god, why...

by Nikola L

It’s that time of the week, everyone: Marvel Snap has a new Location. Despite the community vocally expressing their disdain for Locations that limit your playing abilities, we have received a Location that’s very, VERY restrictive and will force many players to play on unrevealed Locations when Plunder Castle is a Featured Location in an attempt to mitigate the damage it causes to their game plan. Prima Games will tell you what Plunder Castle does and how you can try and evade its effect in Marvel Snap.

What Does Plunder Castle Do in Marvel Snap?

The effect of Plunder Castle is horrendous:

Screenshot by Prima Games

“Only cards that cost 6 can be played here.”

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Now you understand the introductory paragraph. This Location allegedly punishes aggro decks from spreading over all three Locations; however, there are a few ways to mitigate the impact it has on your gameplay.

  • Cards like Mister Fantastic and Klaw can transfer some of your Power to this location and help you overtake it on Turn 6 more easily.
  • Cards like Vision, Iron Fist, and Nightcrawler can move your cards onto Plunder Castle.
  • Cards like White Tiger, Squirrel Girl, and Arnim Zola can generate cards onto Plunder Castle.

So, not all hope is lost when this Location comes up. However, the more of these dumb Locations exist, the more chances are that one (OR MORE) of them will come up and screw up the entire match for both players, resulting in a frustrating experience that nobody wants to see.

Second Dinner, please stop imposing restrictions on us with these Locations. Let’s make the game more fun and wacky.

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