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New Location in Marvel Snap: The Sandbar – Explained

Don't let the Sand get into your... Deck?

Location inspirations can come from many events and stories situated in the Marvel Universe, and this time, we’ve gotten The Sandbar, which doesn’t really have an inspiration derived from Marvel Universe, but instead, it’s just a Location that is related to the current Battle Pass that features the Dog vs Cat theme. The Location is once again… restrictive, despite Marvel Snap players consistently emphasizing that they want none of that, and less than a quarter of votes of approval are cast on the Marvel Snap Discord. Regardless, Prima Games will analyze it for you, so that we can collectively sigh at this precious little kitty sandbox mess Second Dinner made for us. Here’s all the information on the new Marvel Snap location, The Sandbar.

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What is the Effect of The Sandbar Location in Marvel Snap?

No abilities on the Sand!

Screenshot by Prima Games

“Cards with abilities can’t be played here.”

Why? Why would you invent something like this? Why do you persist, Mister Bond?

I am in complete dismay. I really am. The community doesn’t like this at all, it’s all negative comments when you take a closer look. Anyway, let’s deliver some ways for you to play around this Location.

Jeff comes to mind if you have 6000 tokens. Nightcrawler and Vision as well, and the entire Move gang. Let’s also be real, and understand that mostly, people will be playing Patriot / Ultron decks while this Location is featured. As if Patriot decks aren’t already too rampant. Arnim Zola + Wong + Black Panther is also a combo to consider. Sauron as well.

Don’t play Leech today, by the way.

I have just checked, and Zero won’t allow you to play something from your hand on this location. The explanation is simple, the effect exists until you actually play the card.

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I don’t know what to say anymore, except to post the screenshot from Marvel Snap Discord:

Screenshot from Marvel Snap Discord

I’ll be toxic as much as possible and ironically claim that this is a skill issue. Realistically speaking, why didn’t you have a 1-drop to play on the second or third Location on Turn 1? Why didn’t you have a 2-Drop to play on the third Location on Turn 2?

Why didn’t you have Jeff? It’s your fault and no one else’s!

Now, on a serious note – yes, card games are essentially about understanding and countering the meta. What is bad about this is that you are forced to tailor your decks to respond to the issues in the meta, or stay quiet when your wombo-combo mono-dimensional deck does not work. But, if you want to keep winning, you need to adapt a bit. I pushed out an Ultron Deck with Super Skrull and this was my very first match:

Screenshot by Prima Games

The person pitted against me conceded as soon as Mystique on Super Skrull dropped. People claim you should run Super Skrull and/or Enchantress and/or Rogue in the current meta. How long until the anti-meta becomes the meta?

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