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New Fall Guys Patch Notes, Addresses Most Frequent Crashes Reported

by Liana Ruppert

Fall Guys continues its jelly bean glory with yet another update to improve the overall game experience. From added controller support to helping to avoid accidental purchases, here is everything you need to know about the new Fall Guys patch notes, including what’s getting fixed and one joke fix. 

New Fall Guys Patch Notes

The latest update brings with it a few PS4-specific tweaks in addition to a few key visual fixes. According to the team behind this wildly addictive battle royale game, the latest “spicy hot” fix comes with a tweaked round selection fix to the algorithm that selects a Team game only if both team sizes are equal in size. 

PlayStation 4 players also have a few tweaks as well, including additional controller options for things like sensitivity settings and an overall improved UI performance fix for those not playing on a PS4 Pro. 

Other fixes include visual tweaks to in-game outfits, Trophy/Achievement display corrections in all languages, the removal of the ability to grab moving obstacles in Slime Climb, fixes to key in-game exploits – especially in Jump Showdown, and special attention to the “top 5 most frequent crashes” reported by players. 

The team also promises that being able to spectate a friend first when downed is also coming, but it had to be pushed back so that this patch wouldn’t be delayed any further. 

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Fall Guys has absolutely taken the gaming world by storm, quickly becoming the top-performing game on Twitch and top-selling adventure on Steam. It’s also available, for free, on PlayStation 4 for PS Plus subscribers until the end of the month, so there really is no reason to miss out on what makes this jelly bean competitive experience just so gosh darn good.

Fall Guys is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. What do you think about Fall Guys and its quick rise to fame? What is your favorite part about this adorable online title? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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