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Neon White: Tips and Tricks For Going Fast

Some tips and tricks for getting that Ace.

by Jesse Vitelli

Neon White is all about speed, precision, and learning to adapt on the fly. It will test your split-second decision-making as well as your ability to think outside of the box. Here are some tips and tricks for Neon White to help you get through the game.

Don’t Be Afraid To Slow Down

Seriously, your instinct is going to push you to go fast, but oftentimes my best runs come from exploring a level slowly and looking for minor time saves. Make sure you’re poking around, testing out jumps or different angles to approach something. You can just restart any time you want, and after practicing sections of a map, your overall time will get better.

Check For the Shortcut Hint

After getting a gold medal or higher on a level, you’ll unlock a shortcut hint in the level. This is portrayed by a golden hand floating around somewhere. If you touch it, you’ll see a trail emanate from it which shows you an alternate path to take. This will always cut your time down as opposed to the normal route. Even if you get an ace on a level, go back and search for the shortcut hint, it’ll help you get that time down further.

Look For the Hidden Gift in Each level

This one isn’t about going fast, but it’s just something more people should be aware of.

After getting bronze on a level, a hidden gift will become available to find in each stage. Go after them – not only do they allow you to increase your social rank with each character in Neon White, but they give you a whole new way to tackle each level. It becomes less about speed and more about learning how to juggle the cards you have to reach new areas of a level. Each gift is a puzzle to solve and a really neat way to contextualize each level.

Not to mention the sidequest missions using the gifts open up are some of the coolest levels in the game.

Use the Shortcut Key to Restart

Hitting the F key on PC will allow a quick restart of the level you’re playing. This is incredibly important since you’ll be retrying levels over and over again. If you have to keep hitting the pause button and restarting the level from there, you’re wasting a ton of time. It is about going fast after all.

Optimize Your Movement

The smallest movement changes can help optimize a level. Learn the best way to move your character throughout the level, don’t take wasted steps. You’ll notice a huge difference in your times if you can try to move forward with as little side-to-side movement as possible.

Stay Out of The Air as Much As Possible

You’re always faster on foot, jumping and falling through the air is very slow in Neon White. Anytime you don’t have a power like Godspeed or Fireball, try to be moving on the ground. Especially if there’s water, which will increase your speed tremendously.

Look For Dead Space

Anytime you’re going through a section that doesn’t have any demons in it, reevaluate why you’re in there. If a section of a level has no demons in it, chances are it can be circumvented almost entirely. You need to kill all the demons in a level to unlock the exit, so any place that they aren’t present is not necessary to complete the level.

Those are some simple tips and tricks to help cut your times down and experience new moments in Neon White.

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