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NBA Playgrounds – Unlock Tournaments Mode

by Bryan Dawson

NBA Playgrounds has a lot of modes, but many of them are locked when you first start the game. This article covers how to unlock the Tournaments Mode in NBA Playgrounds so that you can play tournaments against the computer AI to unlock other items in the game. Once unlocked an NBA Playground tournament allows you to play four matches against AI opponents, but the developers have confirmed that the ability to play tournaments online will be coming very soon.

Unlock Tournaments Mode

NBA Playgrounds Tournament Mode

To unlock Tournament Mode in NBA Playgrounds, you need to get your profile up to level two, then open the player pack you receive for achieving level two. Once the newly acquired player pack is open, Tournament Mode will unlock in the main menu with one available playground to play on, New York.

Tournament Mode consists of four round tournaments that take place in one of six locations around the world. The first location you unlock is New York. Complete the New York tournament and you will unlock the next location. The first time you win a tournament in a new location you will unlock the next location on the map.

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