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NBA Playgrounds – Unlock Playgrounds and Courts

by Bryan Dawson

When you first start playing NBA Playgrounds you will only have access to the New York court. However, there are a total of eight courts in NBA Playgrounds. This article covers how to unlock playgrounds in NBA Playgrounds. Of course for some classic fans we’ll just call these courts, so we’ll tell you how to unlock courts in NBA Playgrounds. Travel the globe playing against some of the greatest in NBA history on a variety of courts.

Unlock Playgrounds and Courts

NBA Playgrounds Courts

To unlock playgrounds or courts in NBA Playgrounds, you need to first have access to Tournaments Mode. Once you can play in tournaments you’ll be well on your way to unlocking new items. To unlock new playgrounds or courts to play on, you need to win a tournament. You start in New York, which means if you win the tournament there by defeating four teams, you will unlock the next playground or court (in this case, Tokyo).

Travel to the newly unlocked court of playground and win the tournament there to unlock the next available court. If you can win every new tournament available you will unlock every court or playground to play on. Once you unlock a court you can select to play on it during exhibition and online matches.

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