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NBA Playgrounds – Unlock Online Matches

by Bryan Dawson

Many players picking up NBA Playgrounds will want to immediately hop into the online mode. Unfortunately, the NBA Playgrounds Online Match Mode must be unlocked before you can take your balling skills online. This article covers how to unlock Online Match in NBA Playground so you can take on opponents across the globe and show them who has the craziest dunks. Once you unlock online matches in NBA Playgrounds, you can search for opponents to challenge. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play with friends online in NBA Playgrounds multiplayer. However, that feature is coming soon that will allow people to play against friends online in NBA Playgrounds, and play co-op online. In addition, the Nintendo Switch version of NBA Playgrounds does not have any online play, but that is also coming soon.

Unlock Online Match

NBA Playgrounds Online Matches Mode

To unlock Online Match Mode in NBA Playgrounds, first you need to have Tournaments Modes available. Once you’ve done that, you simply need to make it to at least the third round in a tournament to unlock Online Match Mode. That means you need to win two games in a tournament before you can play online.

The first tournament in New York isn’t overly difficult so you shouldn’t have too much trouble beating the first two teams to unlock Online Match Mode. However, if you find yourself having issues taking down the first two teams, we’ve got some help for you.

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