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NBA Playgrounds Cards – Farm Card Packs Fast

by Bryan Dawson

The only way to get new players in NBA Playgrounds is by earning card packs. However, that can be a very tedious process because once you’ve gone through all the modes, the only way to unlock card packs in NBA Playgrounds is by leveling up your profile. This article covers how to farm cards in NBA Playgrounds so you can level up fast and get new players as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for players are each team, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Earning Card Packs

  • Level up your player level.
  • Win a tournament.

There are only two ways to earn card packs in NBA Playgrounds. Every time you win a tournament you will be awarded with a gold card pack that has a higher chance of including a Legend. In addition, every time your player level goes up you will get a normal card pack. Once you reach player level 50, every level will award you with a gold card pack.

Farming Card Packs

Once you’ve won all of the tournaments there isn’t a quick way to get more card packs. Until you hit level 50, getting gold packs with consistency is also very difficult. However, there is a way you can quickly level up your profile so that you continually earn packs until you’ve unlocked every player in the game.

Exhibition Mode

NBA Playgrounds Card Farming

To farm card packs, head into Exhibition Mode. Select your best players, then have the computer play as two weak players. Just find any players with relatively low stats to play against, such as Marc Gasol and Goran Dragic. When it’s time to select the map, press Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS4) to enter Match Options. Under Match Finish, choose Score and 10 points, with difficulty on Rookie.

NBA Playgrounds Card Farming

With this setup you can win a match in less than a minute. If you choose two players with a high steal rating and three-point rating, you can win a match even faster by sticking to three-point shots. Once the match is over, select Replay and you’ll skip most of the long and tedious loading screens so you can move on to the next match as quickly as possible.

Online Mode

Winning games online will give you the most player experience and level you up the fastest. The problem here is that you can’t guarantee a win online, and you’ll more than likely run into plenty of players who drop out of games when they’re losing. If they don’t leave the game via the pause menu (meaning they went back to the dashboard or just shot off the system), you won’t get any points for the match. You also can’t change the time on online matches, so you have to play a five minute game, which ends up being at least seven or eight minutes with the clock stopping after every basket. However, if you can go on a hot streak online without too many players dropping, you can still level up quickly.

It still takes a little bit of time to level up and earn more packs, but these are the fastest methods we’ve found so far. We’ll continue to update this article as new methods are discovered. In the meantime, you can find tips on how to play in our NBA Playgrounds game hub!