The latest entry in the popular NBA 2K franchise has arrived in NBA 2K20, and there are already plenty of players who have taken to the courts to show they are the best players around. NBA 2K20 is currently available on the Xbox One, PlayStation (PS4), PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Thanks to cross-platform being one of the biggest trends in the video game industry in recent memory, some members of the community of the newly released basketball game have been wondering if NBA 2K20 supports cross-platform play between the various platforms it is available on.  

Is NBA 2K20 Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, NBA 2K20 is currently not cross-platform. Players only can play with players who are on the same platform as them. Now, with the high level of success that the feature has had for other games like Fortnite Battle Royale, there is a possibility cross-platform enabled at a later date for the game. However, the developers of the newly released game have not publicly stated any intention of implementing the popular feature in the franchise's newest entry. 

Is NBA 2K20 Cross Platform

It would be hard to see the feature not being heavily supported by the community, as it would get rid of the platform separation that currently segments players and allows for a more cohesive player base to form throughout the game's life. However, players can only wait and see if cross-platform will be enabled for 2K20 or if they will have to wait for a future entry in the franchise to include the fan-favorite feature. 

There would also be plenty of exciting opportunities when it comes to having tournaments where players from specific platforms could compete against each other on the Park and other game modes available in the high-profile title. 

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