NBA 2K15 Tips: Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry for Three

Light up your opponents with the hot shooting Curry, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala.

Improve your game with NBA 2K15 beginners tips for the Cavaliers, Knicks and Lakers.

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Instant offense. That best describes the hot-shooting Golden State Warriors.  You choose this team because you want to shoot rainbow three-pointers and run up the score. They are the twelfth best squad in NBA 2K15 for a reason, which at the end of the day makes a lot of sense in the heavily competitive Western Conference. Here’s a team that can blow out almost anyone, but may not have the players and/or experience to capture the Finals trophy. 

That said, you should select the Warriors when playing the video game, largely because their high percentage offense will counter the nearly unstoppable Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder. 

It begins, of course, with guard Stephen Curry, who is arguably the best shooter in the NBA. Not only can he let it fly from three-point range at will (foolish is the opponent who allows Curry to get going), but he’s also super fast, on par with Clippers point guard Chris Paul. Call for some picks and you should have little problem sending Curry into the paint for easy layups. At long or mid range, this guy puts the ball in the basket, and his constant presence on the court will force your opponent to send the double team. 

When that happens, kick the ball to Curry’s counterpart, Klay Thompson, who will make your friends and enemies pay from anywhere on the court.  

Should your adversary ratchet up the defensive pressure, exploit this tactic with veteran Andre Iguodala, who brings explosive moves that allow him to get to the rim for powerful dunks; he can also hit the three. You’ll even be able to get some offense from backup point guard Shaun Livingston and forward Harrison Barnes should the situation call for it. 

In the paint, oft injured center Andrew Bogut is for some reason a monster, who uses his size to grab offensive rebounds for easy put backs. With so much emphasis on shutting down Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, you’ll often see Bogut wide open beneath the rim, so don’t be afraid to pass him the rock. 

Complimenting Bogut is rebound machine David Lee, who is capable of chipping in at least 14 points per game while snatching 10 boards if used correctly. He and Bogut form a powerful duo inside, which only serves to benefit skilled players who will use them to collect offensive and defensive rebounds from gamers who spend too much time double teaming the Warriors’ guards.

Ultimately, Golden State matches up well with just about anyone. You’ll need to weather the superstar storm, be it LeBron James, Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony, but there are counters at almost every position. If you struggle to score points against the computer or fellow gamers, you’ll soon discover the sun shines bright on these Warriors. 

NBA 2K15 is available now for multiple platforms.

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