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Nazi Zombies – How to Pack-A-Punch, Find Weapon Upgrade Station

by Josh Hawkins

Call of Duty: WW2 is a return to form for the Call of Duty series, and as the game steps back to its roots, so too does the fan-loved Zombies mode that has been so popular since its introduction in World at War. Aside from the setting, and the name of the currency used, though, not much has changed, and fans looking to make it far in the Zombies game mode will want to learn how to upgrade their weapons on the Pack-A-Punch as early as possible. Today we’ll show you how to find the Pack-A-Punch in Nazi Zombies—which is now just called the Weapon Upgrade Station—and even go over the quickest way to get there when first starting out.

Keep in mind that the Weapon Upgrade Station does require at least 5,000 Jolts to utilize, so make sure you’re saving up as many Jolts as you possibly can to ensure you have enough to upgrade your gear.

How to Find the Weapon Upgrade Station

Like any Zombies mode, you’ll need to complete a few prerequisites before you can really start upgrading your weapons at the Weapon Upgrade Station.

First, you’ll need to have powered on the bunker door. We’ve already gone over how to do this in our guide on how to turn on the power, so make sure you check that out for more details.

Secondly, you will need to find and power on both of the generators to unlock the Salt Mine.

Once you’ve completed the above, it’s time to find the Weapon Upgrade Station and start upgrading your weapons.

The quickest way to get to the Weapon Upgrade station is to head to the Village Square, then activate the Pilot Light to open the boarded-up well that leads to the Sewers. Once in the Sewers, look for a large open area underground, and you’ll find the Weapon Upgrade Station in this area, locked behind a cage.

How to Unlock the Weapon Upgrade Station

If you want to actually use the Weapon Upgrade Station, then you’re going to need to unlock it. To do this, look around the room where you find the Weapon Upgrade Station and look for a button that it attached to a gray box with a red light on it. Press the button and you’ll activate the Disposal tubes, which are the map’s fast-travel mechanic.

In order to unlock the cage and gain access to the Weapon Upgrade Station, you’re going to have to ride all three of the Disposal Tubes. These tubes cost 250 Jolts to ride and can be found in the following locations:

  • Inside the Command Room.
  • Past the Pub in the Tower.
  • Inside the Laboratory.

Riding these tubes will bring you back to the room with the Weapon Upgrade Station. At this point you can go ahead and try to activate the Weapon Upgrade Station—however, if you have not used all three of the Disposal Tubes, you’ll be flooded with zombies for a round, and will have to fend them off. Instead, wait until after you have used all three of the Disposal Tubes, and then activate the Weapon Upgrade Station and use 5,000 Jolts to upgrade your favorite non-special weapons.

Now that you know how to activate the Weapon Upgrade Station—which is basically the Pack-A-Punch—be sure to head back over to our Nazi Zombies guide for more details and helpful articles.

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