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Nazi zombies – How to Get the Tesla Gun

by Josh Hawkins

Nazi Zombies returns with a splash in Call of Duty: WW2, and there are a ton of things for players to find and collect as they fend off the undead hordes in their attempt to solve the Easter eggs that are cleverly hidden throughout the new map. Now, we’ll be going into all the details about the main Easter eggs later on, for now, though, let’s focus up on one of the main Wonder Weapons or the game that players can find, and that is the Tesla Gun. Today we’ll show you everything you need to know to find the Tesla Gun and add it to your arsenal.

How to Get the Tesla Gun

Acquiring the Tesla Gun is a pretty complex process, the good news is, though, the game will tell you most of the steps itself, in order. We’ve broken them down, anyways, just to make things easier for you, and you can find all the details you need below.

Step 1:

The first step you need to complete to obtain the Tesla Gun is to make your way to the Command Room and interact with the crank until it stops. Once this is done, move on to Step Two.

Step 2:

Make your way to the Emperor’s room and interact with the machine in front of the Barbarossa statue there. You’ll then need to kill Zombies in that room to charge up the machine’s energy. Once the machine is fully charged, the Geiskraft Transfer Device will rise up through the room and into a hole in the ceiling. Now it’s time to move to Step Three.

Step 3:

Head back up to the Command Room and interact with the button in the upper portion of the room. This will cause the Geiskraft Transfer Device to start moving. Wait for the device to stop in a random place, and then charge it up again by killing Zombies in the room. Once the device has made its way to the electrical generator near the Schnellblitz machine, it will move into the generator and pop out a piece of the Tesla Gun. Move on to Step Four.

Step 4:

With the first piece of the gun in hand, the device will make its way into the Morgue. Here you’ll need to follow it and continue charging it up by killing zombies inside of the red circle on the ground. Keep doing this until it reaches the generator in the Morgue, and then after around thirty seconds or so another piece of the gun will pop out—the Tesla Canister. Continue on to Step Five.

Step 5:

With both pieces of the Tesla gun acquired, make your way back to the Command Room, where a Burner Zombie will spawn in. The Transfer Device will also makes it way back here, so deal with the Burner Zombie, and then wait for the Geiskraft Transfer Device to move into place. When it’s all done and in place, interact with the gun assembly area to begin crafting the Tesla Gun. It takes a few moments for the weapon to be put together, but once it is done, you can pick up the Tesla gun and start blasting your enemies away with it.

Now that you know how to get the Tesla Gun, make sure you know how to find the Pack-A-Punch, and head back over to our Nazi Zombies guide for all the help you need.

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