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Nazi Zombies – How to Find Dr. Straub

by Josh Hawkins

Nazi Zombies has returned, and Call of Duty: WWII’s owners can dive into the action right this second. There are a lot of hidden secrets and items to find, and if you want to experience everything that Nazi Zombies has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to show you how to find Dr. Straub in Nazi Zombies, a secret NPC that you’ll need to find and take down in order to earn the Lurking Around achievement.

How to Find Dr. Straub

Finding Dr. Straub is all about knowing where to look, and once you have spotted him, all you’ll need to do to earn the Lurking Around achievement is shoot him down. Who is Dr. Straub? You might be asking. Well, the truth is, nobody really knows right now, but if you want to 100% Call of Duty: WW2, you’re going to have to find and take him down.

Currently there is not a single place that Dr. Straub always spawns in. Instead, he can spawn into an assortment of different areas, and we’ve outlined them all below. So, if you want to pick up the Lurking Around achievement, take a look at the information below, make some notes, and then hop into the game and get to hunting.

  • The first place that you can find Dr. Straub is in the second area of the map, where you find the large fire trap. Look for him in the window just after the road the heads off to the left.
  • He can also appear in the Command Room, near the Morgue, at any point after you unlock those areas.
  • You can also find the doctor hiding around the operating table in the Morgue. Look out for him and shoot him down if you see him.
  • Look in the lab area during the early rounds and you have a chance of spotting Dr. Straub moving around the place.
  • Some players have even reported that Dr. Straub can be found near the sewers, through the gate. You can also find him inside the actual sewers.
  • The final place that players should look for Dr. Straub is down in the Salt Mines, near where the switches are.

Now that you know all the places that you can find Dr. Straub, it’s time to start hunting for him. He may not always be there when you look, so just keep checking as you play through the map and complete different areas. If you keep checking these areas, you’re bound to find the good doctor running around somewhere, and you can take him down and grab this achievement.

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