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Nazi Zombies – How to Complete the Main Easter Egg

by Josh Hawkins

Nazi Zombies is chock full of things for players to do, but one of the most important parts that players love searching for are the main Easter egg quests that the developers hide within the levels. In this article we’ll break down how to complete the main Easter egg in Nazi Zombies, which is currently available in two different ways. We’ll go over both ways to complete it, and detail the events you need to complete below.

How to Beat the Casual Easter Egg

First up we’ll cover how to complete the Casual Easter egg. This version of the main Easter egg is completely guided by the game itself, and the objectives that you need to follow will be outlined on the screen for you to easily see and follow. We’ve broken the steps down into more detail below, so check it out, take notes, and then get to solving those puzzles!

The first thing you’ll want to do is open up the Bunker and get into the Salt Mines. You can check out our guide on how to turn on the power for help doing that.

Once you’ve opened the Bunker head into the Command Room and interact with the crank until it stops. From here, use the machine in front of the Barbarossa statue in the Emperor Room, and kill some zombies in the room to charge up the machine. When the machine is powered up enough, the Transfer device will activate, and you’ll need to head up to the Command Room once more.

Use the button in the upper portion of the Command Room and then keep charging up the transfer device like you would if you were learning how to get the Tesla Gun. Now you’ll want to continue this process until you get the Tesla Gun. When you have the gun, head to the machine behind the area you built the Tesla Gun and then interact with it to turn on the power grid. On. From here take note of the light next to the numbers on the machine. These numbers correspond with a certain power station around the map, and you’ll need to change the dial of each power station to match the color that you see her. Take note, and then head to the power stations around the map.

There is a time limit for this part of the Easter egg, so make sure you do it quickly. The power stations can be found at the areas marked below:

  • Station 1: Command Room, right next to where you activate the power grid.
  • Station 2: Near the entrance to the Morgue, inside the Sewers.
  • Station 3: Near the entrance to the Riverside area, inside the Sewers.
  • Station 4: Outside the Pub area.

With the power activated, head to the Tower and use the level underneath it to activate an airhorn, this will spawn another wave of enemies, and you’ll have to defend the Tower from the zombies. Once the air horn stops, look for two more levels on the front pillars of the Tower and activate them both. Now defend the Tower once more.

With all the levels pushed, interact with the stone hand to the left of the statue in the Salt Mine. This will cause the Zeppelin to appear in the sky outside. Head out and shoot out one of the yellow lights as it shoots down at you. Take out the light and a generator will drop. Once it hits the ground, shoot zombies around it to charge it up. This will cause it to explode and leave behind a battery that you’ll want to pick up. Now you need to repeat this 10 more times until you have all the batteries in the hand over on the right.

Once this is done, head around the map and look around for several paintings. We’ll have more details on those soon, but for now check out these locations to find the paintings:

  • In the Morgue near the chalkboards.
  • In the sewers to the left of the metal cage.
  • In the Pub.
  • In the courtyard, opposite of where you buy the Lee Enfield.

Make sure to write down the Roman numeral that you find next to each bird symbol, as you’ll need these items shortly. Once they’ve all been written down, head to the Barbarossa statue and make your way to the machine in the middle. There are four swords here, each with their own bird symbol. Interact with the swords and change the numbers to match the Roman numerals that you grabbed off of the paintings. When each sword is set to the correct number, activate the button on the machine to start a massive boss fight. Complete the boss fight to finish up the Casual Easter egg in The Final Reich.

We’ll update this article with details on how to complete the main Easter egg soon, so check back shortly for more information and details, and head over to our Nazi Zombies guide to find more useful articles like this.

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