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The Nathan Drake Collection – Uncharted 3 Find all of the Treasure

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you where to find all of the treasure in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Collection, which released as part of Sony’s Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for the PlayStation 4 on October 9. It is important to follow these instructions exactly, since it is possible to go too far in the campaign and lose the chance to pick up pieces of treasure. 

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 1: Another Round

Antique Boxing Medallion 

After Nate gets tossed into the lower section of the pub, you’ll find this Antique Boxing Medallion in the slot machine tray. No sight of it? Bump into the machine and the treasure will appear. Grab it before helping Sully, or pick this up after acquiring the Brass Vesta Case.

Brass Vesta Case 

After battling the Brute near the toilets, Nate heads back to the previous location. You will see the Brass Vesta Case on a shelf behind the bar. Make sure you pick up this and the Antique Boxing Medallion before joining Sully in the kitchen.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 2: Greatness from Small Beginnings

Emerald and Diamond Ring

Go into the first room of the museum and check the third cannon barrel. 

Antique Coin Purse 

Walk towards the steps leading to the second floor of the museum and you will see the Antique Coin Purse behind a plant, hidden within an alcove.

Antique Colombian Soup Ladel 

Go outside of the museum and approach a beaten up blue car. The Soup Ladel sits in a doorway to the right. Pick this up before following Sully. 

Pottery Chimu Vessel 

Follow Sully into the busy shopping center and pan the camera around until you see the Mercado Estupendo and Frutas shops to the left. The Pottery Chimu Vessel rests in a stall opposite these stores.

Ancient Chupicuaro Figure 

You’ll see Sully standing by a meat market. Before joining him, take the road until it bends left and ascend the narrow stairs. The figure is on a locked gate. 

Shamanistic Jaguar Head

After Sully wraps up business with the locksmith, look for the Jaguar Head along a balcony next to a plant. Pick it up before leaping to the sign.

Antique Colombian Table Knife 

Approach the Hotel Arrecife sign and climb up to the top, where the Table Knife sits inside of the O in the word Hotel. Collect and then go down to the street, not before. 

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 3: Second-Story Work

Dog-Shaped Incan Whistle 

Use the light to swing to the next roof, then press Circle to drop to the wooden balustrade.  Go to the other side of the balcony and collect the Incan Whistle off the bench. 

Seventeenth Century Coin

Go into the room with the ship wheel. The coin is on the ground by the rusted lever. 

Silver Chimu Pendant

Walk up to the old diving suit and pry the Pendant from its hands. 

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 4: Run to Ground

Diamond-Studded Horse Brooch 

Fit through the narrow space between the buildings and jump over the metal barrier. Walk to the right and find the Brooch by a wooden fence with barbed wire. 

Coral Cameo Brooch

Enter the warehouse and you stand on a walkway made of wood. Go over to the window, fall to the pipe below and move right. Grab the Brooch from the platform below the aforementioned walkway. 

Victorian Locket and Chain 

Ascend the crates and take the treasure on the opposite side of the door.

Silver Roses Bracelet 

After the first encounter with Marlowe’s henchmen, stay in the room where the firefight took place.  The Bracelet is behind the generator to the right. 

Fierce Lion Bangle

First you will find a Strange Relic by panning the camera to the top of the deep shaft and then climbing the pipes. As you climb down, go left and grab the Lion Bangle behind a grate. 

Pearl, Diamond and Ruby Brooch 

Don’t go to the lever just yet. For now, climb left and grab these valuable items. 

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 5: London Underground

Victorian Copper Penny 

Climb up to get the Golden Hind, and look for the Copper Penny on the fireplace ledge on the left. 

Victorian Gold Sovereign

Marlowe’s goons ambush you at the library. Leave through the door and walk up the steps. Be on the lookout for a lighted display case on the far side of the balcony. Additionally, you can jump over the rail on the right and step on the crocodile to unlock a trophy. 

Silver Hunter Pocketwatch 

Take down the enemies near the train cars and then check out the fancy wall clock. The treasure is underneath a statue and you’ll need to blast it once to dislodge the Pocketwatch. From there, climb atop the passenger car to grab the shiny collectible. 

Art Nouveau Flask

Proceed to North Atwood station and examine the front of the train. The Flash is on the tracks.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 6: The Chateau 

Antique Wax Seal Stamp

Move away from the waterfall along a stream. The Stamp is inside of a tiny cave. 

Gold Inlay Cameo Bangle

Go past the waterfall until you happen upon a narrow path. Go left, and at the fork take a slight left. The Bangle is near a wall covered with moss.

Diamond and Pearl Bracelet 

Proceed to the crumbling tower. Climb up to the entrance but do not go inside. While hanging on the ledge, head right and climb into the room. Pick up the Pearl Bracelet and drop down to pick up the main path.

Louis XVI Louis d’or Coin

Watch the cut scene featuring Drake and Sully reach the staircase, then look for this treasure along a walkway. Proceed forward after the cinematic and make sure you pick up the Coin before going outside. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect it. 

Emerald Cameo Brooch 

Enter the puzzle room with the statue. Walk beneath the arch and then pan the camera up above the curtain. Blast the Brooch with your handgun. 

Art Nouveau Belt Buckle 

Go into the secret passage and look in the little pool of water. The Belt Buckle is in there. 

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Do the grenade tutorial, drop down and then go left. The treasure is in the corner, mixed in with some junk.

Silver Rococo Teapot 

Wait until Drake and Sully bust through the door to gain access to the keep. Proceed forward and then go right. Pan the camera until you see ledges. Walk along the beams and grab the Teapot. 

Miniature Portrait Pendant 

Go into the last room of the secret laboratory, then look up to see the Pendant. Shoot the treasure to dislodge it.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 7: Stay in the Light 

Gold and Pearl Stickpin 

Climb up to the bedroom but do not go after Sully. For now, turn around and walk to the attic. You’ll see the treasure on a piece of wood by the exposed beam.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 8: The Citadel 

Silver Sassanid Coin 

When you reach the entrance to the citadel, check the last arch to the right. 

Ancient Metal Elephant 

Lower the drawbridge and walk forward. You’ll discover the Metal Elephant on a wall, right of the railing. Blast it! 

Crusader Coin 

Shoot the lock to open the gate, then go right and take the Crusader Coin from the statue.

Enamel Copper Vessel 

Climb out of the well and proceed through the doorway. Take the door on the left and you’ll see a floodlight on the ground, and the treasure within. 

Marble Double Eye Idol 

After Sully blasts the lock to set Drake free, face the outside with the exit behind you. Pan the camera up and then right. The treasure is on a wall next to a window.

Medieval Lead Horseman

Go underneath the portcullis (heavy grate), then take the path right. You will find the treasure sitting on a windowsill by an arrow slot.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 9: The Middle Way

Byzantine Reliquary Cross 

Head to the doorway Sully blows up in the courtyard. Look through the debris for the Cross. 

King Bohemond III Coin 

Walk to the foot of a coffin by the first brazier, then check the floor. 

Antique Cliff Bracelet 

Open the gate. You will swim underneath the Bracelet in the primary water pit. Blast it from the ceiling and then collect the treasure.

Crusader Fleur-de-lis 

Go to the top of the spiral staircase and look for a coffin that partially fell off a shelf. The treasure is on this shelf.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 10: Historical Research

Antique Cloak Clasp 

After finding the market stall near the bottom of the stairs, go left and search for this Cloak Clasp in a corner. There’s a table and boxes nearby.

Silver Jambiya Dagger

Go to the market, and before heading to the roadblock, you’ll see the Dagger behind a potted plant by a pool. 

Golden Yemeni Bracelet 

Exit the main market using the second gate and walk past the abandoned storefronts. The Bracelet sits next to a cactus. 

Traditional Silver Bead

Climb to the balcony, go inside of the building and then up the steps. When you reach the top, turn around and you’ll find the Silver Bead resting between a sofa and table. 

Amber and Silver Necklace 

Following the fight at the market, follow Sully into the open gate. Now pan the camera right and check the alcove. 

Kahraman Amber Necklace 

After grabbing the Silver Necklace, do not proceed through the arch. For now, turn and grab the Amber Necklace near the store behind you.

Unusual Red Bead Necklace 

As soon as you collect the Amber Necklace, climb the ledge and you’ll see this Red Bead Necklace behind three crates.

Uncharted Treasure Chapter 11: As Above, So Below 

Silver and Coral Ring 

After grabbing the lower rungs of the ladder, maneuver behind this ladder to pick up the Coral Ring.

Silver and Leather Dagger

After figuring out the Temple Entrance Puzzle, pan the camera left and you’ll find the Dagger between two narrow pillars, left of the last doorway.

Pearl and Emerald Brooch 

Position Nathan Drake so the gear slots and capstan are behind him. Walk over to the pillar on the left and check behind it for the Emerald Brooch.

Silver Filigree Bracelet

While trying to solve the East Wing Puzzle, press and hold R1 when Nate has the staff. Now aim the beam of light at the bats to frighten them. This causes the Bracelet to fall.

Silver Box Pendant

Proceed to the east wing and stand in front of the exit on the lower floor. Now check the right of the staircase.

Amazonite and Amber Necklace

Leave the well room, go right and walk down the stairs. The Amber Necklace is on the ground.

Silver Capsule Pendant 

Proceed into the canteen area and check the floor near an empty table to see the Pendant.

Amazonite and Amber Earring

Go to the fountain, then look left to see two pillars. The Earring is between these pillars.

Silver Yemeni Bangle 

Nate will lose the Talbot, then walk through a door. Now go right and walk up the steps. The Bangle is on the left.

Uncharted 3 Treasure Chapter 12: Abducted 

Seahorse Vesta Case

Take down the Brute, then climb the ladder onto the shipping containers. Go to the other end of the room and look for the Case near some tires.

Silver Figa Amulet 

Go into the first corridor and walk to the end, then go right. The Amulet is inside of a storeroom. 

Antique Silver Parrot

Walk through the entrance and face the yard. On the right side of Breakers Yard you’ll see black and yellow chevrons. Climb up to grav the Silver Parrot.

Turqouise and Pearl Bracelet

Swing on the yellow bars to reach the ship’s stern. You can’t leap across the gap, so you’ll have to carefully go around and then collect the Pearl Bracelet on the opposite side.

Unusual Blue Stone Ring

Climb up the rope and search for the treasure near the closed hatch.

Gold Scarab Brooch

Use the rope to wall-run and then climb until you see a doorway. Do not go through it yet. For now, drop down from the opposite side and you’ll see this treasure on some girders.

Gold Axumite Coin

Following the cut scene, take the zipline and walk all the way to the end of the bridge, where this Coin resides.

New treasures coming soon!

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