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When Does Mythical Wishes Season 9 Start in Pokémon GO?

Wishes replace the light theme in GO.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Mythical Wishes

Not long after the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, we already have a new season called Mythical Wishes arriving soon in Pokémon GO. With less than a week left in the Season of Light, and new plans announced for Season 9, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming start date and all of its features.

As with any new season in Pokémon GO, there is some speculation mixed with brief announcements from Niantic. This time, Trainers know they are headed to the Hoenn region for new additions to the game and classic Mega forms to battle against. We’ll go over when you can expect the Mythical Wishes season to arrive and some of what will appear.

Pokémon GO Mythical Wishes – Season 9 Start Date

Niantic made the start date for the upcoming season nice and simple this time around. Trainers can begin jumping into Mythical Wishes starting on December 1, 2022 right in time for the holidays. However, the content for Season 9 won’t drop right away. Instead, Mythical Wishes will drop at 10 am local time around the world, so there’s no need to worry about adjusting your time for the update.

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Since Niantic moved to a seasonal model for their game, three-month periods have become the norm. These three-month periods are typically based around a specialized theme and potentially a new gameplay feature. What that feature could be in Season 9 is still up for debate, but we know the theme will last until early March.

As for the theme in Mystical Wishes, Hoenn appears to be the initial driving force. We’ll see Hoenn starter Mega forms along with a Hoenn Tour event that ensures all of Generation III is in Pokémon GO. After the first half of the season is over though, the main theme could shift as the new holidays approach.

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