My Hero Ultra Rumble November 8 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

With these buffs you better watch out for that Binding Cloth: Serpent

Your favorite super-powered Shonen game just got an update, and a select few are seeing some much-needed buffs. Here’s My Hero Ultra Rumble’s November 8, with the full patch notes listed.

My Hero Ultra Rumble November 8 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

You may have noticed that My Hero Ultra Rumble has gone down for maintenance today. And you know what that means! We’re getting an update. A few heroes will be getting some minor nerfs and tuning, but at least one hero is seeing some pretty substantial (and much needed!) buffs. Especially since he’s only just come out.

So, let’s dive right in.

The following corrections and adjustments were made during the maintenance carried out on 11/8/2023:

【Midoriya Izuku

・Quirk Skill γ “Blackwhip”

 └Reduced reload speed

【Katsuki Bakugo

・Special Action “Explosive Speed”

 └Reduced reload speed

【Asui Tsuyu

・Quirk Skill α “Ribbit Shot”

 └Reduced damage at all levels

 └Unified reload speed at all levels

 └Reduced the number of bullets at Lv.1

 └Reduced the number of bullets at Lv.2

 └Reduced the number of bullets at Lv.3

・Quirk Skill β “Ribbit Swing”

 └Reduced damage at all levels

【Momo Yaoyorozu

・Quirk Skill β “Create: Unfalling Castle Wall”

 └Reduced reload speed

【Himiko Toga

・Quirk Skill β “Slasher Killer Knife”

 └Increased damage of attacks from 2nd stage onwards at all levels

 └Increased the number of bullets at all levels

【Shota Aizawa

・Quirk Skill γ “Binding Cloth: Serpent”

 └Damage increased at Lv.3

 └Damage increased at Lv.4

 └Damage increased at Lv.5

 └Damage increased at Lv.6

 └Damage increased at Lv.7

 └Damage increased at Lv.8

 └Damage increased at Lv.9

Shota’s buffs might mean that he’ll change up the meta. But since he’s only been released recently, only time will tell!

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