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Search and Destroy MW3
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Search and Destroy always shows up at the end of the beta cycle or during the full launch of a Call of Duty title, and Modern Warfare 3 is no different. We all knew Search would appear in the second weekend, but it’s still missing in the playlist feature. However, the good news is you won’t have to wait long.

When Does Search and Destroy Go Live in Modern Warfare 3?

Search and Destroy will go live in the Modern Warfare 3 Beta on Friday, October 13. Like every other update to the game, you can expect the mode to be playable around 12 PM ET. Sometimes, updates get pushed a bit sooner or an hour later. Regardless, the classic mode will be available for most of that Friday.

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After it goes live, you will still be able to play SnD until the servers go down on Tuesday, October 17. Like the updates, you have until around 1 pm ET to get all your matches in before the game is unplayable until the full launch in November. It might seem sudden but you have plenty of time to test the content all the way to level 30.

As for the playlists, Search and Destroy will likely be its own selection. So far in the Modern Warfare 3 Beta, the respawn modes have all been thrown into the Mosh Pit playlist while Ground War was on its own. In weekend two, Cutthroat was also added as a playable mode before SnD. If you’re itching for Search and Destroy, the new Cutthroat mode is the closest you can get.

Cutthroat pits three teams of three together on the map where there are no respawns. It’s still not the usual competitive SnD mode we all know and love, but I will definitely give it a few tries. Three teams gunning each other in MW3 already sounds like a blast.

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