MultiVersus Patch Notes: Celebrate the Lunar New Year With Double XP and Rabbit Swag

Can we get new skins for anyone else... like, anyone who isn't Reindog

There’s a new MultiVersus patch out today, and the bulk of it is a new event celebrating the Lunar New Year. It’s the year of the rabbit this time, so a bunch of new Chinese/rabbit-themed cosmetic items are available for players who participate. But perhaps just as exciting, the MultiVersus team is responding to complaints with the Battle Pass and giving double experience rewards for what seems to be the remainder of the season. There’s some new stage variants, too.

New Stuff

An alternative version of the Treefort map has debuted, swapping the super enclosed space for a wide open single platform stage. Treefort Single Plat will appear in any four-player queue.

The Scooby’s Mansion (Roofless) variant has been altered with a new coat of paint, so to speak, to make it more visually distinct I guess? Happy new year to the Scooby’s Mansion fans.

The Lunar New Year event starts today, offering 14 days of login rewards for folks who show up every day. There are also several cosmetic items available in the shop, including several new profile icons purchasable with coins. For Gleamium there’s also a new banner, ringout and Reindog skin all based on the Lunar New Year 2023.

Double XP??

Starting on January 18, double battle pass XP will be in effect. The patch notes don’t provide a date range, so I’m assuming this will be turned on until the season ends next month. Fans have been complaining about the huge amount of XP demanded for the final stretch (ten levels-ish) of the battle pass, so hopefully this helps people wrap things up.

Nerfs, Buffs and Tweaks


  • Nerfs to air neutral attack, ground side and up attack


  • Adjustments to Precision Grapple Signature Perk
  • Nerfs to air neutral attack and ground neutral attack
  • Buffs to ground side and down attacks

Black Adam

  • Nerfs to air up attack, ground neutral special and ground up attack
  • Ground down special tweaked, now blocks Superman laser


  • Nerfs to weight, ground up attack and ground down attack


  • Buffs to air up and ground up specials
  • Tweaks to Electric Groover Signature Perk and ground down attack


  • Bugfix


  • Nerfs to air/ground side and down specials, air down attack and ground down attack
  • Bugfixes

Iron Giant

  • Bugfix, no more eating Gizmo’s car 🙁


  • Nerfs to ground up attack (thank gawd)


  • Nerfs to air side special, air side attack (without ball) and air/ground down special


  • Bugfixes


  • Buffs to air/ground neutral special, air down attack and ground down attack
  • Nerfs to air/ground neutral special, air/ground down special, air down attack and ground side attack


  • Buffs to ground side special and air up attack


  • Nerf to ground down attack


  • Bugfix


  • Nerfs to weight, wavedash
  • Tweak to Ice Breath


  • Buff to ground up attack
  • Tweak to air/ground up special

Tom & Jerry

  • Nerf to ground up special
  • Bugfix for Nap Time emote


  • Bugfix

Wonder Woman

  • Bugfixes

And that’s a wrap for this round of patch note summarizing. For the full details (including a few interesting developer notes on Black Adam, Morty, Superman and Harley Quinn), check out the official MultiVersus support page. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go be in my feelings about all those Black Adam nerfs.

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